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Pavilhao 9 portrait Pavilhao 9 is a Brazilian hip-hop/hardcore band from Sao Paulo. The group mixes rap and rock in a style similar to American bands such as Beastie Boys or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, adding guitars and other rock instruments into the hip-hop template. Here's a quick look at their work...


Pavilhao 9 "Procurados Vivo Ou Mortos" (Paradoxx, 1994)

Pavilhao 9 "Cadeia Nacional" (Paradoxx, 1998)

Pavilhao 9 "Se Deus Vier, Que Venha Armado" (Paradoxx, 1999)

Pavilhao 9 "Reacao" (Warner, 2001)
This Sao Paulo-based rock-rap group has a kind of Beastie Boys vibe to it, by way of Bob Marley and Fugazi. This album is slick, but good... very good. Nice production with Hendrix-y guitars, moderate amounts of turntable scratching and a strong, steady groove throughout. Definitely worth checking out.

Pavilhao 9 "Publico Alvo" (Unimar, 2005)

Pavilhao 9 "O Melhor De Pavilhao 9" (Paradoxx, 2002)


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