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Diana Pequeno  portrait Diana Pequeno is a folkish MPB singer, sometimes called "the Joan Baez of Brazil..." Here's a quick look at her work...


Diana Pequeno "Diana Pequeno" (RCA Victor, 1978)
A strong debut, fascinating for its adoption (perhaps a decade or so late) of American-style acoustic folk music, and the skill with which she weaves in Brazilian regional styles such as the northeastern forro accordion... I think the comparisons to Joan Baez are fair; maybe to Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton as well, with the experimentations in flowery chamber-folk orchestrations and light pop arrangements. Pequeno's vocals are a mix of the brusque, husky tones of many Brazilian divas, with lighter touches here and there. Worth checking out, particularly for fans of other Brazilian folkies such as Geraldo Vandre or Cuba's Pablo Milanes. I have to confess, though, that this isn't a record I need to return to -- it's very serious and hefty, but not that much fun to listen to, overall.

Diana Pequeno "Eterno Como Areia" (RCA Victor, 1979) (LP)

Diana Pequeno "Sinal De Amor" (RCA Victor, 1981) (LP)

Diana Pequeno "Sentimento Meu" (RCA Victor, 1982) (LP)

Diana Pequeno "O Misterio Das Estrelas" (RCA Victor, 1985) (LP)

Diana Pequeno "Misterios" (Acquarius , 1989) (LP)

Diana Pequeno "Cantigas" (Selo Radio MEC, 2002)


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