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Marcus Pitter portrait Marcus Pitter was a latter-day, 1970s-era jovem guarda pop singer, specializing in perky, bubblegummy brega pop and soft romantic ballads, much like his contemopraries Odair Jose, Fernando Mendes and -- of course -- Roberto Carlos. He appeared regularly on Brazilian TV shows, notably on the programs hosted by Silvio Santos and the comedian called Chacrinha. Here's a quick look at his work... (By the way: anyone have more complete info on his discography? If so, feel free to let me know!)


Marcus Pitter "A Voz Do Succeso, v.1" (Polydor, 1970) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "A Voz Do Succeso, v.2" (Polydor, 1970) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "A Voz Do Succeso, v.3" (Polydor, 1971) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "A Voz Do Succeso, v.4" (Polydor, 1972) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "Cenas De Ciume" (Polydor, 1974) (LP)
I haven't heard this one, but it looks like an AOR/soft pop album, Brazilian brega style. Pitter is wearing a James Taylor t-shirt on the back cover, so that's probably an indication of where he was headed...

Marcus Pitter "Marcus Pitter" (Polyfar) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "Marcus Pitter" (Continental, 1975) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "Pra Matar A Saudade" (Top Tape, 1980)

Marcus Pitter "Amos Consertar O Mundo" (Continental) (LP)

Marcus Pitter "O Mundo E Uma Guerra" (EP) (Continental, 1986) (LP)
A 4-song EP, including songs such as "Feliz Com Quem Quizer" and "E Pra Valer."


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