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Carlos Poyares portrait Flautist Carlos Poyares was one the key figures in modern choro music. Poyares was a radio performer in the 1950s, and has recorded dozens of albums over the years, often returning to the simple tin flute he learned to play as a child. Here's a quick look at a few of his albums...


Carlos Poyares "Som De Prata, Flauta De Lata" (1965)

Carlos Poyares & Altamiro Carrilho "Pixinguinha De Novo" (Discos Marus Pereira/EMI, 1975)
A pretty-sounding, mellowed-out modern interpretation of classic Pixinguinha material. Flautists Carrilho and Poyares appear to trade off as soloists, although the liner notes don't make clear which one is playing where, or on which songs. The backing is simple, elegant, standard-issue choro fare: guitar, bandolim and percussion, though all are well in the background, leaving the spotlight on the flute work, which is uniformly trilling and sweet. Maybe a bit too tame, but mostly quite lovely.

Carlos Poyares "Brasil, Seresta" (Discos Marcus Pereira, 1975) (LP)
(Produced by Aluizio Falcao & J. C. Botezelli)

Delicious, laid-back instrumentals from choro flautist Carlos Poyares, moving through the works of Altamiro Carrilho, Jose Maria de Abreu and the romantic style of crooners such as Silvio Caldas. Lovely, elegant stuff, with restrained accompaniment on cavaquinho, bandolim and guitar. Mooshy music, in a very good way.

Carlos Poyares "Som De Prata, Flauta De Lata" (Discos Marcus Pereira, 1975) (LP)
(Produced by Carolina Andrade)

This one's a little more manic and songbirdish (in the flute) but still lovely, classy material. Recommended!

Carlos Poyares "Revendo A Flauta Os Bons Tempos Do Chorinho" (Equipe, 1977)
(Produced by Joao Lara Mesquita, arrangements by Carlos Poyares)

Beautiful, beautiful choro instrumentals from master flautist Carlos Poyares, whose supple phrasing and sweet tones are readily recognizable from about a bazillion recordings that he's taken part in. As a bandleader, he's tops: the backing musicians are largely players whose names I didn't recognize, but they are all on the right wavelength, perfectly matching Poyares' soulful lead. Like many choro albums, a little can go a long way, so you might want to mix these rich, glorious gems in with some other songs, just to break things up a little. But you will love this record.


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