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Deo Rian portrait Mandolinist Deo Rian was one of the master choro musicians of the 1970s, and like Joel Nascimento he was both a torchbearer of the tradition set by Jacob Do Bandolim -- taking the mandolin spot in the band Epoca de Ouro after Do Bandolim's death -- and a modernizer as well. Here's a quick look at his work...


Deo Rian "Gotas De Ouro" (Revivendo)
This CD collects material from two latter-day choro albums recorded by master bandolim player Deo Rian in 1970 and '76, working through classic compositions by Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, Jacob Do Bandolim and a more modern tune by Paulinho Da Viola. These tracks feature light orchestration, along with Rian's masterful playing -- it's rather genteel music, not unlike a chamber quartet, and you have to be in the right frame of mind to appreciate it... Rian's playing is more expressive and varied than some other performers I've heard doing similar material. For choro enthusiasts, this should be quite a treat!

Deo Rian "Ernesto Nazareth" (RCA Victor, 1970)
Apparently this was Rian's first solo album, a tribute to composer Ernesto Nazareth... It's nice, though a little formal and reserved. Accompanists include guitarist Dino 7 Cordas and Canhoto, as well as the Quinteto Villa Lobos... Rian's bandolim occasionally trades the spotlight with a tootling trombone (or is it a tuba?) and the archaic style takes a little getting used to... But it is lovely stuff, particularly for choro and nostalgia fans.

Deo Rian "...Toca Para O Rei Roberto Carlos" (CID, 1974)

Deo Rian "Choros De Sempre" (EMI, 1974)
A straight CD reissue of Rian's 1974 album, Choros De Sempre, which features technically impressive performances and some questionable production choices. In general, this seems to be primarily a showcase for some mellow yet flashy mandolin picking, with some unfortunate collisions with more lavish pop-orchestral arrangements. Yet even this is deceptive: the intricate stop-and-start interplay of Rian's bandolim and the string section on "Lamento" is pretty remarkable... (Plus, it's a tune cowritten by Pixinguinha and Vinicius De Moraes!) This verges on cheesiness, but it'll grow on you with repeated listenings.

Deo Rian "Saudades De Um Bandolim" (Continental, 1976)

Deo Rian "Ineditos De Jacob Do Bandolim, v.1" (Eldorado, 1980)

Deo Rian "Ineditos De Jacob Do Bandolim, v.2"

Deo Rian "Deo Rian" (Tartaruga-Japan, 1992)

Deo Rian & Rafael Rabello "Delicatesse" (BMG-Ariola, 1993)

Deo Rian & Bruno Rian "Choro Em Familia" (Kuarup, 1999)


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