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Dom Um Romao portrait Drummer Dom Um Romao (1925-2005) was one of the key players on the Brazilian jazz scene, who played nightclubs in the 1950s, sat in on some of the earliest bossa nova sessions, and toured with numerous stars such as Elis Regina and Sergio Mendes. In the 1970s he moved to the Unites States and was a prolific session player in the fusion jazz scene, recording several albums of his own, as well as one albums by Weather Report and others. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography: Best-Ofs

Dom Um Romao "The Complete Muse Recordings" (32 Jazz, 1999)
Collects music from two albums on the Muse label, Dom Um Romao (1972) and Spirit Of The Times, from 1973.

Discography: Albums

Dom Um Romao "Dom Um" (Phillips, 1965)

Dom Um Romao "Dom Um Romao" (Muse, 1972)

Weather Report "I Sing The Body Electric" (Columbia, 1972)

Weather Report "Sweetnighter" (Columbia, 1973)

Dom Um Romao "Spirit Of The Times" (Muse, 1973)

Dom Um Romao "Hotmosphere" (Fantasy/Prestige, 1976)
(Produced by Dom Um Romao; arranged by Celia Vaz)

A wide-ranging, though very '70s-ed out jazz album, which highlights this veteran drummer at his best. The album opens with an impressive pair of batucada tunes that should get your attention. Things get more stereotypically jazzy from there, but even with the rambling fusion and post-bop meanders, this is a pretty strong album. Even old grumps like myself who don't have much use for '70s style jazz should recognize that this album is towards the top of the heap for the style. Romao is also notable as one of the all-too-rare Braz-jazzers who hang onto their Brazilianness, despite working up in the States. Guest musicians include pianist Dom Salvador, who was known for his role in the Black Rio soul scene. Worth checking out.

Dom Um Romao "Om" (ECM, 1978) (LP)

Dom Um Romao "Samba De Rua" (Vogue Records, 1990)

Dom Um Romao "Saudades" (Water Lily Acoustics, 1993)

Dom Um Romao "Rhythm Traveller" (Mr. Bongo, 1998)
Impressive recent recordings from this Braz-jazz oldtimer. Drummer Romao, who worked with Sergio Mendes in the '60s, and Weather Report in the '70s, has a lot of jazz cred behind him, and draws on it liberally. The highlights for me are the batucada and percussive workouts, but folks with a light jazz sweet tooth may like the breezier stuff as well. Very retro, but not bad for an old geezer.

Dom Um Romao "Lake Of Perseverance" (ITM, 2001)


Dom Um Romao/Various Artists "Nu Jazz Meets Brazil: The Dom Um Romao Remix Project" (JSR/Cuadra, 2002)

Peter Schaerli & Ithmara Koorax "Obrigado Dom Um Romao" (TCB, 2008)


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