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Angela Ro Ro "Angela Ro Ro" (Polydor, 1979)

Angela Ro Ro "So Nos Resta Viver" (Polydor, 1980)

Angela Ro Ro "Escanadlo" (Polydor, 1981)

Angela Ro Ro "Simples Carinho" (Polydor, 1983)
Nice voice, horrible music. The tackiest pop arrangements imaginable; on a tune or two at the end she gets a teeny bit blues and rock-ish, and there is one nice tango tune ("Cambalache," which would have been more fun if she sang in Portuguese, instead of Spanish...) In essence, however, this is a dreadfully tacky pop record. Totally skippable, even though she is an appealing, charismatic singer.

Angela Ro Ro "A Vida E Mesmo Assim" (Polydor, 1984)

Angela Ro Ro "Eu Desatino" (Polydor, 1985)

Angela Ro Ro "Prova De Amor" (Eldorado, 1988)

Angela Ro Ro "Ao Vivo" (Som Livre, 1993)

Angela Ro Ro "Acertei No Milenio" (EMI, 2005)

Angela Ro Ro "Compasso" (Indie, 2006)

Angela Ro Ro "Colecao Obras-Primas" (PolyGram, 1997)
Fairly standard MPB recorded between 1979-85... Ro Ro, with her husky voice and lavish arrangements is obviously taking her cues from Maysa and Maria Bethania, although she is somewhat more playful (as heard in her nostalgic rocknroll cover of Lieber and Stoller's "Hound Dog") than those divas tended to be... This best-of covers her first solo albums; it isn't dazzlingly original, but Ro Ro had her charms and holds her own next to similarly throaty singers such as Bethania and Virginia Rodrigues. (She was, incidentally, one of the first Brazilian pop stars to come out of the closet, writing about the public reaction in songs such as "Escandalo.")

Angela Ro Ro "Serie Millennium" (Universal, 1999)

Angela Ro Ro "A Arte De Angela Ro Ro" (Universal, 2005)

Angela Ro Ro "Serie Millennium" (Universal, 1999)


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