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Roupa Nova portrait Roupa Nova was one of Brazil's leading soft-pop bands of the 1980s... It's not exactly my cup of tea, but they did sell quite a few records... Let's take a look...

Discography - Albums

Os Famks "Os Famks" (Continental, 1975) (LP)
Formed in the late 1960s, Os Famks was initially a family band, with several brothers in the Cataldo family and some friends... They backed artists such as Ze Rodrix and had members coming in and out of other bands for years, but didn't record their first single until 1974 and only released two albums before morphing into the soft-rock band Roupa Nova in the '80s.

Os Famks "Famks" (EMI-Odeon, 1978)

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova" (Philips, 1981)

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova" (Philips, 1982)
(Produced by Marozinho Rocha)

Funny album. The opening track, "Vira De Lado," has these ear-catching hard rock riffs at the start -- are these guys a Brazilian Scorpions?? -- but they quickly lapse into a soft/bubblegum pop mode, more reminiscent of the Bay City Rollers. They veer between synthy, dorky new wave-esque pop and glossy, super-gooey soft pop, with a dash of far-flung, Yes-ish prog rock. It's interesting historically, but really not something I would want to listen to recreationally.

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova" (1983)

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova" (1984)

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova" (1985)

Roupa Nova "Heranca" (1987)

Roupa Nova "Luz" (RCA, 1988)

Roupa Nova "Frente E Versos" (RCA, 1990)

Roupa Nova "Ao Vivo" (BMG, 1991)

Roupa Nova "The Best En Espanol" (Sony, 1993)

Roupa Nova "De Volta Ao Comeco" (RCA, 1993)

Roupa Nova "Vida Vida" (BMG, 1994)

Roupa Nova "Novela Hits" (1995)

Roupa Nova "6/1" (1996)

Roupa Nova "Atraves Dos Tempos" (1997)

Roupa Nova "Agora Sim" (Universal, 1999)

Roupa Nova "Ouro De Minas" (Universal, 2001)

Roupa Nova "RoupAcustico" (2004)

Roupa Nova "Natal Todo Dia" (Universal, 2007)

Roupa Nova "4U" (2008)

Roupa Nova "...Em Londres" (2009)

Roupa Nova "30 Anos" (2010)

Discography - Best-Ofs

Roupa Nova "Serie Focus" (Universal, 2000)

Roupa Nova "O Melhor De..." (Universal, 2004)

Roupa Nova "I Love MPB" (Universal, 2000)

Roupa Nova "Novo Millennium" (Universal, 2005)

Roupa Nova "Serie Millennium" (Universal, 2007)

Roupa Nova "Sem Limite" (Universal, 2008)


Roupa Nova "RoupAcustico" (DVD) (2004)

Roupa Nova "RoupAcustico 2" (DVD) (2006)

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova Em Londres" (DVD) (2009)

Roupa Nova "Roupa Nova 30 Anos" (DVD) (2010)


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