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Renato Russo portrait Renato Russo (1960-1996) was the lead singer of the BRock band Legiao Urbana, one of Rio's biggest alt-rock groups of the 1980s and '90s. Earlier, he also was in the '70s punk band Aborto Eletrico, which split into Legiao Urbana and Capital Inicial. Russo was one of Brazil's first "out" gay music stars and with his diagnosis and death from HIV disease, he became a cause celebre for raising awareness about HIV-AIDS. Russo recorded several solo albums, which are listed below...


Renato Russo "O Ultimo Solo" (EMI, 1998)

Renato Russo "Equilibrio Distante" (EMI, 1999)
The late lead singer for Legiao Urbana, singing a pop album in Italian, with absolutely horrible music to back him up... as is entirely appropriate to the target audience. Yecch. Not my kinda "pop."

Renato Russo "Renato Russo" (Atracao, 2003)

Renato Russo "Serie Identidade" (EMI, 2002)

Renato Russo "Colecao A-Z" (EMI, 2003)
A "bricked" box set with straight reissues of three Russo albums... Not quite sure which albums they were, though...

Renato Russo "Colecao Talento" (EMI, 2004)

Renato Russo "Series Bis" (EMI, 2005)


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