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Lulu Santos portrait Rocker Lulu Santos was the lead guitarist for several obscure bands in the 1970s (including Albatroz and Veludo Eletrico) and went on to be a leading proponent of "new wave" pop, Brazilian style. Here's a uick look at his work...

Discography - Albums

Lulu Santos "Tempos Modernos" (Warner Brothers, 1982)
(Produced by Liminha)

The debut album by this Brazilian modern-popster... This is actually some of the best Brazilian "New Wave" pop I've heard... I don't necessarily care for (or even approve of) the style, but this is certainly very well done. Santos sounded completely up to date, and the arrangements are both lively and well-conceived (even if the synthy instruments are kind of tacky). I feel kinda weird saying it, but this is worth checking out. Pretty good for the genre; includes several songs cowritten with Nelson Motta.

Lulu Santos "O Ritmo Do Momento" (WEA, 1983)

Lulu Santos "Tudo Azul" (Warner Brothers, 1985)
(Produced by Liminha)

Mostly this is tacky, bland '80s-style synthpop, but there are glimmers of life: some bouncy rock on Side One, a touch of rockabilly on a glitzy, modernized version of "Road Hog" (one of the perennial favorites of the old '60s jovem guarda crowd. Nothing to get excited about here, really, but it doesn't completely suck. And that's something, I guess.

Lulu Santos "Normal" (WEA, 1985)

Lulu Santos "Lulu" (RCA, 1986)

Lulu Santos "Toda Forma De Amor" (RCA Victor, 1988)

Lulu Santos "Popsambalanco E Outras Levadas" (BMG-Ariola, 1989)

Lulu Santos "Amor A Arte: Lulu Santos E Auxilio Luxuoso Ao Vivo" (RCA, 1989)

Lulu Santos "Honolulu" (RCA, 1990)

Lulu Santos "Mondo Cane" (1992)

Lulu Santos "Assim Caminha A Humanidade" (BMG, 1994)

Lulu Santos "Eu E Meme, Meme E Eu" (BMG-RCA, 1995)
This high-gloss, super-commercial disco-pop album starts off with several direct swipes from North American '70s pop: "Disco Inferno" and a sample of the guitar riff from the Doobie Brothers' "Without Love," followed later on by quotes of Prince and numerous club mixes. Santos has a good ear for catchy pop hooks to recycle, but ultimately they don't make his soft pop crooning much more dynamic. He has a sweet voice though; this is a well-crafted, sleek album, and it's nice to see an old-timer like him still able to keep up with the kids, yet this tepid pop material still isn't terribly exciting for those of us looking for something challenging, soulful or original.

Lulu Santos "Anti-Ciclone Tropical" (RCA, 1996)

Lulu Santos "Liga La" (BMG, 1997)

Lulu Santos "Calendario" (Sony-BMG, 1999)

Lulu Santos "Acustico MTV: Lulu Acustico" (BMG, 2000)

Lulu Santos "Programa" (BMG, 2002)

Lulu Santos "Bugalu" (Sony-BMG, 2003)

Lulu Santos "MTV Ao Vivo" (BMG, 2004)

Lulu Santos "Letra & Musica" (Sony-BMG, 2005)

Lulu Santos "Longplay" (Som Livre, 2007)

Lulu Santos "Singular" (EMI, 2009)

Lulu Santos "Lulu Acustico MTV II" (Universal, 2010)

Discography - Best-Ofs

Lulu Santos "Acervo Especial" (BMG-RCA, 1997)
Bleah. A best-of collection, packed full of tacky, '80sied-out rock production, with big, echo-y snare drums and lots of lame, tinny electric guitar leads. There are a few softer acoustic tunes, and a bit of nostalgic, vaudevillian song-and-dance, but even the best tracks on here can really only aim for sounding inoffensive. The rest of it just sounds really bad.

Lulu Santos "Serie Focus" (Sony-BMG, 1999)

Lulu Santos "Perfil" (Som Livre, 2004)

Lulu Santos "e-Collection" (Warner Brothers, 2001)


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