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So Pra Contrariar portrait Brazilian pop band So Pra Contrariar were one of the key bands in the modern pagode pop scene of the 1990s, and spawned the solo career of vocalist Alexandre Pires. Here's a quick look at their work...


So Pra Contrariar "So Pra Contrariar " (BMG-RCA, 1993)
Since these guys have a bazillion self-titled albums, I'll list a few song titles: "Que Se Chama Amor," "Go Back," "Out Door," "Um Dia Do Domingo..." Hopefully this will help sort out any confusion...

So Pra Contrariar "So Pra Contrariar " (BMG-RCA, 1994)
Another eponymous outing. Songs include: "Meu Jeito De Ser," "Voce Vai Voltar Pra Mim," "Volta, Meu Amor," "O Amor, Voce E Eu..." Hope this helps...

So Pra Contrariar "O Samba No Tem Fronteiras" (BMG-RCA, 1995)

So Pra Contrariar "Futbol Clube - Ao Vivo" (BMG, 1996)

So Pra Contrariar "SPC - So Pra Contrariar" (BMG-RCA, 1997)
This one starts with: "Cuando Acaba El Placer (Depois Do Prazer)," "Todo Sobra (Ta Por Fora)," "Mineirinho," "Cuando Es Amor (Quando E Amor)..."

So Pra Contrariar "SPC - So Pra Contrariar" (BMG-RCA, 1999)
Hey, great album title! Includes: "Interfone," "Sai Da Minha Aba (Bicao)," "Machuca Demais," "Tudo Acaba Em Perdao..."

So Pra Contrariar "Juegos De Amor" (BMG-RCA, 1999)
Ugh. Super-cheesy modern pop, with a strong influence from the Spanish-speaking world (cheesy romantic ballads, Gipsy Kings-ish flamenco riffs, Spanish-language lyrics on many songs...) It's really pretty horrible.

So Pra Contrariar "Bom Astral" (BMG-RCA, 2000)

So Pra Contrariar "Acustico" (Sony-BMG, 2002)

So Pra Contrariar "Produto Nacional" (Sony-BMG, 2003)

So Pra Contrariar "Produto Nacional 2" (Sony-BMG, 2004)

So Pra Contrariar "O Melhor De..." (BMG-RCA, 1997)
An early best-of collection...

So Pra Contrariar "Bom Demais: Radio Raiz" (Som Livre, 2007)

So Pra Contrariar "Serie Focus" (BMG, 1999)
A generously-programmed 20-song set...

So Pra Contrariar "Maxximum" (BMG-RCA, 2005)
A best-of set with songs in Portuguese, Spanish and English...

So Pra Contrariar "The Best Of..." (Sony-BMG, 2004)
Yeah, except that most of these songs are sung en espanol...! No fair!


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