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Renato Teixeira portrait Brazilian songwriter Renato Teixeira is one of the major figures in the capaiba or rural rock scene... A lot of his stuff might fit into what would be called "folk music" in the United States -- gentle, acoustic material -- but a firm MPB pop streak is there as well. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Renato Teixeira "Serie Aplauso" (BMG)

Renato Teixeira "Serie Focus" (BMG)

Renato Teixeira "Maxximum" (Sony, 2005)

Renato Teixeira "2-Em-1: Romaria/Amora" (BMG, 2001)
This "twofer" CD reissues a pair of early albums, 1978's Romaria and Amora, from 1979.

Discography - Albums

Renato Teixeira "Album De Familia" (1971)

Renato Teixeira "Paisagem" (Sinter, 1972)
A sweet, strummy, spaced-out set with lots of acoustic guitar, tinkly piano and insistent, rock-flavored drumming, sort of feels like a Brazilian Harry Chapin album, with a little extra stoner vibe added on top. A few moments of mild excess, but mostly I found this pretty enjoyable.

Renato Teixeira "Romaria" (1978)

Renato Teixeira "Amora" (RCA, 1979)
(Produced & arranged by Luiz Roberto Oliveira)

Sweet, sleek acoustic-based MPB with a subtle northeastern tinge: there are accordions in the mix, but they sound restrained instead of manic, and match the gentle tone of the acoustic guitar and Teixeira's vocals. He reminds me quite a bit of Leonard Cohen, both in his vocal style and in his nuanced combination of folk stylings and pop/rock elements... A little gooey in parts, but mostly quite nice and quite listenable.

Renato Teixeira "Garapa" (1980)

Renato Teixeira "Doce Cancao" (1981)

Renato Teixeira "Um Brasileiro Errante" (1982)

Renato Teixeira "Terra Tao Querida" (1985)

Renato Teixeira "Renato Teixeira" (1986)

Renato Teixeira/Pena Branca/Xavatinho "Ao Vivo Em Tatui" (Kuarup, 1991)

Renato Teixeira "Aguaraterra" (1993)

Renato Teixeira "Sonhos Guaranis" (1993)

Renato Teixeira "Azul" (Eldorado, 1995)

Renato Teixeira "Um Poeta E Um Violao" (1996)

Renato Teixeira "Ao Vivo No Rio" (Kuarup, 1997)

Renato Teixeira & Natan Marques "Alvorada Brasileira" (Kuarup, 1999)

Renato Teixeira & Ze Geraldo "Um Novo Amanhecer" (Kuarup, 2000)

Renato Teixeira/Various Artists "Cantoria Brasileira" (Kuarup, 2002)
A live album with contributions from Renato, Elomar, Pena Branca, Teca Calzans and Xangai...

Renato Teixeira "Cirandas, Folias E Cantigas Do Povo Brasileiro" (2003)

Renato Teixeira & Lima Duarte "Nossa Senhora Da Aparecida Iluminada" (Albatroz, 2003)

Renato Teixeira & Rolando Boldrin "Renato Teixeira E Rolando Boldrin" (Kuarup, 2004)

Renato Teixeira "No Auditorio Ibirapuera" (Som Livre, 2007)

Renato Teixeira "No Auditorio Ibirapuera" (2007) (DVD)

Renato Teixeira & Sergio Reis "Amizade Sincera" (Som Livre, 2010)


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