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Terra Samba portrait Terra Samba is one of the many brainless, good-time party bands that dominated Brazil's commercial music in the 1990s and 2000s; it's not great music, but you can dance to it. They can this style "pagode," but you'd be hard pressed to make a connection between this glossy, hi-tech pop and the classy acoustic samba music of the 1970s by the same name. Anyway, here's a quick look at their work...


Terra Samba "Terra Samba Faz Bem" (RGE, 1995)

Terra Samba "Deus E Brasileira" (RGE, 1996)

Terra Samba "Liberar Geral" (RGE, 1999)

Terra Samba "Ao Vivo E A Cores" (Globo-Polydor, 1998)
This modernized pagode has its tacky side, and the Caribbean rhythms are pretty monotonous, compared to the more subtle Afro-Brazilian percussion... But hearing Terra Samba play live, with the fans all aflutter, helps explain the band's popularity... Lead singer Reinaldo Nascimento is barely-adequate performer, but he's okay, in an inoffensive way. There are certainly much worse bands out there!

Terra Samba "Aue Do Terra" (Universal-Mercury, 1999)
Unapologetically commercial, cheerfully unchallenging modern Brazilian pop... It's pretty brainless, but it's also fun, in an exceedingly generic way. If you turn off your critical thinking, you may find your toes tapping, and perhaps even a little bumping in your booty.

Terra Samba "Sinal Verde" (Universal, 2000)

Terra Samba "Ao Vivo E A Cores II" (Universal, 2001)

Terra Samba "Xi Do Terra Samba" (Universal, 2002)

Terra Samba "Show Do Terra" (Universal, 2003)

Terra Samba "E So Alegria" (Universal, 2004)

Terra Samba "Terra Mix" (Universal, 2005)

Terra Samba "Dende" (Universal, 2006)

Terra Samba "Ao Vivo" (Universal, 2007)


Terra Samba "Axe Bahia" (Universal, 2006)
A generously-programmed best-of set that reaches back to the band's earliest years... Party down, dudes!


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