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Wando portrait Wanderley Alves dos Reis, aka Wando (1945-2012) was a star of the Brazilian "brega" romantic pop style, specializing in broad, sentimental ballads. She started out as a songwriter, placing songs with starts such as Roberto Carlos and Jair Rodrigues, and eventually broke through as a solo performer in the mid-1970s. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Wando "O Melhor De Wando: Fogo & Paixao" (Universal, 1986)

Wando "Preferencia Nacional" (EMI, 1998)

Wando "Selecao De Ouro: 20 Supersucessos" (EMI, 1999)

Wando "Retratos" (EMI, 2004)

Wando "Voce E Luz" (EMI, 2007)

Discography - Albums

Wando "Gloria A Deus No Ceu E Samba Na Terra" (Beverly, 1973)

Wando "Wando" (Copacabana, 1975)
(Produced by Talmo Scaranari & Decio Fonsi)

Really nice stuff. Although Wando is associated with the maudlin "brega" ("schmaltzy") pop ballad style, this early album is actually fairly vigorous, full of smooth, lightly funky MPB ballads very much in the style of Chico Buarque or Joao Bosco. Understated and quite pleasant to listen to... I'm curious to find out more about this guy. In the meantime, I'll enjoy this album and keep my eyes peeled for others!

Wando "Porta Do Sol" (Beverly, 1976)

Wando "Ilusao" (Beverly, 1977) (LP)

Wando "Gosto De Maca" (Copacabana, 1978) (LP)

Wando "Gazela" (Copacabana, 1979) (LP)

Wando "Bem-Vindo" (Philips, 1980) (LP)

Wando "Fantasia Noturna" (Som Livre, 1982) (LP)

Wando "Coisa Cristalina" (Som Livre, 1983) (LP)

Wando "Vulgar E Comum E Nao Morrer De Amor" (1985) (LP)

Wando "Ui-Wando Paixao" (1986)

Wando "Coracao Aceso" (Philips, 1987) (LP)

Wando "O Mundo Romantico De Wando" (Philips, 1988)

Wando "Obsceno" (Philips, 1988) (LP)

Wando "Tenda Dos Prazeres" (Philips, 1990) (LP)

Wando "Depois Da Cama" (1992)

Wando "Mulheres" (Globo, 1993)

Wando "Danca Romantica" (1995)

Wando "O Ponto G Da Historia" (1996)

Wando "Chacundum" (1997)

Wando "Palavras Inocentes" (Universal, 1998)

Wando "S.O.S. De Amor" (1999)
Live album...

Wando "Picada De Amor" (Universal, 2000)

Wando "Femeas" (Universal, 2002)

Wando "Bahia" (Saludos Amigos, 2000)


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