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Claudio Zoli portrait Claudio Zoli began his career a teenage funkster, playing in the band of Rio Soul pioneer Cassiano; in the '80s he set out on his own, first in the new-wave/soul band Brylho, and then as a solo artist working in a variety of styles. Here's a quick look at his work...


Brylho "Brylho" (Warner-Elektra, 1983)
Brazilian new wave pop, with a bluesy, soul-ish twist... Not quite my cup of tea, but they did have a distinctive sound...

Claudio Zoli "Claudio Zoli" (CBS, 1986)

Claudio Zoli "Claudio Zoli" (EMI-Odeon, 1988)

Claudio Zoli "Fetiche" (1991) (LP)

Tigres De Bengala "Tigres De Bengala" (CBS-Epic, 1993)
(Produced by Mayrton Bahia)

Sort of an MPB art-rock/new wave/jazz all-star set, with synth-popper Ritchie joined by Dadi and Mu (from the band A Cor Do Som), Vinícius Cantuaria, and Claudio Zoli, from the band Brylho.

Claudio Zoli "Ferias" (Trama, 1999)

Claudio Zoli "Na Pista" (Trama, 2001)

Claudio Zoli "Remixado E Ao Vivo" (Trama, 2002)

Claudio Zoli "Na Pista Ao Vivo" (2003) (DVD)

Claudio Zoli "Sem Limite No Paraiso" (2003)

Claudio Zoli "Zoli Clube" (Trama, 2005)

Claudio Zoli "Diamantes: Ao Vivo - 25 Anos" (HPI, 2009)


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