Founded in 1959, The Baldknobbers are one of the longest-lived and best-known acts in the Branson, Missouri country music network. Originally a four-piece family band including brothers Bill Mabe, Bob Mabe, Jim Mabe and Lyle Mabe, the Baldknobbers were one of the original bands playing on the opening day of the Silver Dollar City amusement park, way back in 1960. They eventually formed their own "jamboree" show with a cast that has changed many times over the years, to eventually be handed over to a younger generation of Mabe family members. The group jokingly took its name from the Bald Knobbers, a vigilante group from the 1880s that figure prominently in the social mythology of Reconstruction-era Missouri. Like many similar country amusement park bands, the Baldknobbers have recorded an impressive string of souvenir albums which were sold at their bandstand and on tour. These are at least a few of those albums... Most of the original LPs don't have release dates on them, so organizing this discography winds up involving a lot of guesswork...

Discography - Albums

The Baldknobbers "From The Hills Of The Ozarks" (American Artists Custom Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Hillbilly Jamboree Time" (American Artists Custom Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Hymn Time With The Baldnobbers" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Great, Great Day" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Country Fever" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Baldknobber Country" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Live And In Color" (American Artists Records) (LP)
(Produced by Joe Higgens)

The Baldknobbers "Saturday Night Live" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "The Baldknobbers At Home" (American Artists Records, 1977) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Alive And Kickin' " (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "On Tour Live: Country Music Show" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Good Ole American Country" (American Artists Records) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Take The Stage In Ozark Mountain Country" (Dungeon, 1981-?) (LP)
This is one of their later albums, with covers of Top Forty hits like "Elvira" and Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again," which was a hit in 1980. There are also plent of oldies, such as "The Tennessee Waltz" and Arthur Smith's "Guitar Boogie," and a huge cast of performers.

The Baldknobbers "Live On The 76 Strip: 25 Years" (Ozark Sound Studios, 1984-?) (LP)
(Produced by Pat Shikany)

The Baldknobbers "Old Time Gospel" (Ozark Sound Records, 1984-?) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Hillbilly Starpower" (1984-?) (LP)
This appears to be the same album as the Jamboree Time LP below. It includes covers of Merle Haggard's 1984 hit, "Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room" and "Mama, He's Crazy" by the Judds... So it's at least from 1984, possibly later.

The Baldknobbers "Live! Showtime!" (Dungeon) (LP)

The Baldknobbers "Hillbilly Jamboree Time" (Century Records) (LP)


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