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Matraca Berg "Lying To The Moon & Other Stories" (RCA, 1999)
Better known as a songwriter than as a performer, Nashville native Matraca Berg became sort of a critic's and artist's favorite among those who wanted to inject a loftier, more artsy tone into the country hits of the '90s. She was particularly adept at writing for the female perspective, and was popular with singers such as Suzy Bogguss, Patty Loveless, Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood, all of whom explored a more ornate -- some might say overly dense -- style of songwriting. This is an odd compilation of her recorded work in the 1990s -- it omits several of her chart entries (hard to call 'em hits; she never got that far up the charts), while those that it does include tend to be a bit cerebral. Still, it's a nice portrait of one of the more influential under-the-radar artists working in modern-day Music City, even if she does get a bit Carly Simonesque at times.

Matraca Berg "The Masters" (Eagle, 1998)
This best-of came out in the UK only... Not sure how it overlaps or differs from her American releases...

Discography - Albums

Matraca Berg "Lying To The Moon" (RCA, 1990)
(Produced by Josh Leo & Wendy Waldman)

Matraca Berg "The Speed Of Grace" (RCA, 1994)

Matraca Berg "Sunday Morning To Saturday Night" (Rising Tide, 1997)

Matraca Berg "The Dreaming Fields" (Dualtone, 2011)


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