A stalwart of the Texas country scene, old-timer Johnny Bush is probably best known for having written the Willie Nelson hit, "Whiskey River," which was also a hit for Bush in the early 1970s. Bush and Nelson were pals back in the early 1960s, when they both worked in Ray Price's band; like Willie, Johnny Bush emerged from regional fame onto the national scene. But just as his career was really taking off, he was sidelined by a mysterious ailment that caused him to lose most of his voice, and made it impossible for him to keep touring and recording as he had before. Over the years, Bush regained most of his vocal range and reestablished himself as a recording artists and as an icon of the independent Texas music scene. Here's a quick look at his work...


Johnny Bush "The Sound Of A Heartache" (Stop, 1968)

Johnny Bush "Undo The Right" (Stop, 1968)

Johnny Bush "You Gave Me A Mountain" (Stop, 1969)

Johnny Bush "Johnny Bush" (Stop, 1970)

Johnny Bush "Bush Country" (Stop, 1972)

Johnny Bush "The Best Of Johnny Bush" (Million, 1972)

Johnny Bush "Here's Johnny Bush" (Starday, 1972)

Johnny Bush "Here Comes The World Again" (RCA, 1973)

Johnny Bush "Texas Dance Hall Girl" (RCA, 1973)

Johnny Bush "Whiskey River/There Stands The Glass" (RCA, 1973)

Johnny Bush "Live At Dance Town, U.S.A." (Whiskey River, 1979)

Johnny Bush "Live From Texas" (Delta, 1982)

Johnny Bush & Darrell McCall "Hot Texas Country" (1986)

Johnny Bush "Time Changes Everything" (TCE, 1994)
(Produced by Willie Nelson)

Johnny Bush "Talk To My Heart" (Watermelon, 1998)

Johnny Bush "Lost Highway Saloon" (Texas Music, 2000)

Johnny Bush "Sings Bob Wills" (Texas Music Group, 2000)
(Produced by Willie Nelson)

An odd, sometimes vexing modern-day western swing set that Bush recorded in the early '90s but had to shelve for several years while his producer -- Willie Nelson -- sorted out a few little problems with the IRS. Originally issued under the title Time Changes Everything, this resurfaced a few years later as Johnny Bush Sings Bob Wills, which is a little misleading, since only a few of the songs on here were actually tunes that Bob Wills recorded... Musically, this may be tough going for most hard country fans, packed with slick, punchy horn arrangements and an overall overly aggressive feel to the production. Still, it's one of them Texas oldtimers playing the music he loves... I like the more overt tribute songs -- Merle Haggard's "Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas" and the album's perky closer, "Bob Wills Said It 'Aw' (And Called It Western Swing)" which are both pretty fun... Willie Nelson and Hank Thompson sing on a couple of tunes; this isn't the first album I'd recommend of either Bush's music or of western swing, but it has its moments.

Johnny Bush "Green Snakes" (Texas Music, 2001)

Johnny Bush "Honkytonic" (BGM, 2004)

Johnny Bush "Texas State Of Mind" (BGM, 2006)

Johnny Bush "Devil's Disciple" (BGM, 2006)

Johnny Bush & Justin Trevino "Texas On A Saturday Night" (Heart Of Texas, 2007)

Johnny Bush "Kashmere Gardens Mud" (Icehouse, 2007)

Johnny Bush "Lillie's White Lies" (Heart Of Texas, 2009)


Johnny Bush "Johnny Bush Is Back" (Collectables, 1996)

Johnny Bush "14 Greatest Hits" (Power Play, 1996)


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