Folk-rocker Brandi Carlile has had considerable success as an album-oriented rock artist, though she also fits comfortably into the alt-country spectrum as well, retaining a rough, bluesy edge to much of her music... Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Albums

Brandi Carlile "Brandi Carlile" (Columbia, 2005)

Brandi Carlile "The Story" (Columbia, 2007)
(Produced by T Bone Burnett)

Brandi Carlile "Give Up the Ghost" (Columbia, 2009)

Brandi Carlile "Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony" (Columbia, 2011)

Brandi Carlile "Bear Creek" (Columbia, 2012)
(Produced by Brandi Carlile, Phil & Tim Hanseroth, and Trina Shoemaker)

Bonnie Raitt-ish twang-folk with a big dose of bluesy pop... If you like classic old Bonnie, or perhaps Shelby Lynne for a more modern reference point, you might dig Carlile as well. A little more of an indiepop/folkie vibe, but still in the same ballpark...


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