Lee Conway portrait Although he was born in Poland, singer Lee Conway became an icon of Australian country music. He grew up in Melbourne and played in some amateur bands during the 1960s, before taking up a career as a trucker. As a sideline, Conway managed other musicians before deciding to set out as a solo performer. Recording a string of albums in the 1970s, Conway became one of Australia's top country artists and even toured abroad on several occasions. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Albums

Lee Conway "Adultery" (Sweet Peach, 1970) (LP)
His debut album includes several duets with Ann Irwin... Saucy album title!

Lee Conway "Applewood Memoirs (People)" (Sweet Peach, 1971) (LP)

Lee Conway "Wanted Man" (Sweet Peach, 1972) (LP)

Lee Conway "Truck On Country" (Hammard Recording Company, 1975) (LP)
An entire album of trucker tunes, with covers of many classics of the genre.

Lee Conway "Lee Conway" (Image Records, 1975) (LP)

Lee Conway "The Road Is Far" (Groovy Records, 1976)

Lee Conway "All I Want To Do" (Image Records, 1977) (LP)

Lee Conway "The Stories We Could Tell" (M7) (LP)
(Produced by Denis Whitburn)

Lee Conway "Big Iron" (Hammard Recording Company, 1980) (LP)

Lee Conway "Bound To Explode" (Stallion, 1999)


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