Singer Donna Darlene was married to legendary steel-and-dobro player Shot Jackson, and started recording with him in the late 1960s, after Jackson had recovered from an automobile accident that happened while on tour with Roy Acuff. after his recovery, Jackson continued to be a prolific session player, but also recorded several albums with his wife over the years... Their daughter, Shotsie Jackson, also sang with Darlene, after Shot Jackson passed away in 1991. Here's a quick look at Donna Darlene's work...

Discography - Albums

Donna Darlene & Shot Jackson "Hurtin Side Of Country" (Arc, 1967) (LP)

Donna Darlene & Shot Jackson "Rural Rhythm Presents Beautiful Waltz Melodies" (Rural Rhythm, 1968) (LP)

Donna Darlene "Precious Moments" (Marathon Music, 1974) (LP)
(Produced by Doug Taylor, Shot Jackson & Bill Seddon)

This is a great record, even with the occasional bum note or odd phrasing by Ms. Darlene. Basically, it's a fun set of spunky "gal" country in the spirit as early Loretta and Tammy, with sassy lyrics and novelty lyrics galore. Highlights include the anti-macho "Just Because You Wear Big Shoes," in which Darlene tells some big, tough guy to quit hitting on her, and that she's perfectly happy with her short, sexy steady... The songwriters are all fairly obscure, with offerings by Jack Hosier, Dick Overby, a couple by Francis Ryals, one by Billy Ray Reynolds and one co-written by Donna Darlene ("I Believe In Him") The most recognizable of the lot are Gary Buck and Ira Louvin, but otherwise these are pretty unknown writers -- the noteworthy thing linking them is their already-retro twangitude, which was very much at odds with the slick, bland sounds of the Top Forty charts. And of course, the picking is great, with some really fancy, though pleasantly subtle pedal steel from Shot Jackson. Recommended!

Donna Darlene "Welcome To The Other Side Of Me" (Cheyenne, 1977) (LP)

Donna Darlene "Girl On The Cover" (Top Spin, 1979) (LP)
(Produced by Shot Jackson & Larry Lee Broderick)

Donna Darlene "Jealous Heart" (Rosedale, 1985) (LP)

Donna Darlene "Welcome To The Other Side Of Me" (Rosedale, 19--?) (LP)

Donna Darlene "By Request" (Stardust, 2000) (LP)

Donna Darlene "My Kind Of Music" (Hertiage Music, 2011) (LP)

Donna Darlene & Shotsie Jackson "Mom And Dad's Favorite Hymns" (Steelradio, 2012) (LP)


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