In the early 1960s, Roy Drusky made his mark as a songwriter and as a performer, scoring several Top Ten hits over the course of the decade. Many of his best-known hits were duets with Priscilla Mitchell, a singer who otherwise left little mark on the country scene. Drusky faded out of the spotlight during the 'Seventies, but left behind a slew of mellow country records that enterprising collectors can still track down. Here's a quick look at his work...


Roy Drusky "Greatest Hits, Volumes 1 & 2" (Collector's Choice, 2007)
A generously programmed twofer reissue that combines Drusky's two "best-of" sets from his Mercury Records years. These are his biggest hits, and possibly just about as much of his work as any average listener might require. Definitely the best way to get acquainted with his work so far...

Roy Drusky "His Greatest Hits" (K-Tel, 2010)

Roy Drusky "The Great Roy Drusky Sings" (Columbia Harmony, 1965) (LP)
A collection of early singles from 1955-1957, originally cut for Columbia, but never gathered on LP.

Roy Drusky "Roy Drusky's Greatest Hits" (Mercury, 1966) (LP)

Roy Drusky "Greatest Hits, v.2" (Mercury, 1968) (LP)


Roy Drusky "Anymore" (Decca, 1961) (LP) (MP3)
(Produced by Owen Bradley)

An amazingly robust, rootsy debut from an artist who quickly went on to embrace country's croonier side. Like many singers in the early LP era, Drusky released singles for several year before getting a shot at a full album, so some of these tracks date back to the late 1950s, just after he had left a brief gig with Columbia. Well, it was worth the wait: when you drop the needle on the first track, you'll be blown away by the blast of pure, thundering honky-tonk on his "Anymore," an early hit single that was originally recorded in 1959. It's one of seven songs on here co-written with Vic McAlpin, and Drusky's voice is rugged and rural, staright out of the '50s honkytonk playbook. There are other surprises, such as the forlorn but slightly scandalous "I'd Rather Loan You Out," about a man who chooses cuckholded rather than lonely. He also takes dips into rockabilly-tinged material and upbeat pop-country, modifying his voice in the later sessions to a softer style that sounds quite a bit like Burl Ives. All in all, though, this is a cool record, and a real eye opener for hard country fans who may have looked down on Drusky's later work. Recommended!

Roy Drusky "It's My Way" (Decca, 1962)

Roy Drusky "Songs Of The Cities" (Mercury, 1964) (LP)

Roy Drusky "All Time Country Hits" (Mercury-Wing, 1964) (LP)

Roy Drusky "Yesterday's Gone" (Mercury, 1964)

Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell "Love's Eternal Triangle" (Mercury, 1965) (LP)

Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell "We Belong Together" (Mercury, 1965) (LP)

Roy Drusky "Roy Drusky" (Vocalion, 1965)

Roy Drusky "The Pick Of The Country" (Mercury, 1965)

Roy Drusky "Country Music All Around The World" (Mercury, 1965)

Roy Drusky & Priscilla Mitchell "Together Again" (Mercury, 1966) (LP)

Roy Drusky "Country Song Express" (Mercury, 1966)

Roy Drusky "In A New Dimension" (Mercury, 1966)

Roy Drusky "If The Whole World Stopped Lovin' " (Mercury, 1966)

Roy Drusky "Now Is A Lonely Time" (Mercury, 1967)

Roy Drusky "Jody And The Kid" (1968)

Roy Drusky "A Bag Of Country Gold Hits" (Mercury-Wing, 1968)

Roy Drusky "Portrait Of Roy Drusky" (Mercury, 1969)

Roy Drusky "My Grass Is Green" (Mercury, 1969)

Roy Drusky "I'll Make Amends" (Mercury, 1970)

Roy Drusky "The Best Of Roy Drusky" (Mercury, 1970)

Roy Drusky "All My Hard Times" (Mercury, 1970)

Roy Drusky "I Love The Way You've Been Lovin' Me" (Mercury, 1971)

Roy Drusky "Doin' Something Right" (Mercury, 1973)

Roy Drusky "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (Capitol, 1974)

Roy Drusky "This Life Of Mine" (Capitol, 1976)

Roy Drusky "The Golden Hits Of Roy Drusky" (Plantation, 1979)

Roy Drusky "English Gold" (Plantation, 1979)

Roy Drusky "Roy Drusky Sings Willie Nelson" (Brylen, 1980)

Roy Drusky & Kitty Wells "Kitty Wells And Roy Drusky" (Playback, 1986)
This album features ten duets and several more solo sides by each artist... Not sure exactly when these were recorded, though... Apparently they were paired up when Drusky was still on Decca, although the album art shows them both in their older years... Anybody know for sure?

Roy Drusky & Kitty Wells "Heartbreak, USA" (Creative Sounds, 1986)
I'm assuming that this CD reissues some of the material from the LP listed above... But I really can't say for sure...