Husky-voiced country crooner Dave Dudley (1928-2003) is frequently typecast as a one-trick pony, one of the many singers who specialized in "trucker" songs during the '60s and '70s, when the style was at its peak. Dudley's big hit was "Six Days On The Road," certainly a major classic of the genre, but he had stylistic breadth beyond that, singing heart songs and boozin' tunes as well as a bunch of historically-themed novelty songs and patriotic anthems as well. Here's a quick look at his work...


Dave Dudley "The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Dave Dudley" (MCA/Universal, 2002)
This short, too-compact collection demonstrates Dudley's thematic breadth (even if musically he stuck to the same basic "thwack-a-thwack" rhythmic tricks that made his work distinctive...) This 12-song CD, drawn from Dudley's Mercury years, includes tragedy ballads ("Last Day In The Mines"), gambling songs ("Pool Shark") and patriotic numbers ("What We're Fighting For"), as well as a bunch of goofy novelty tunes like "Cowboy Hat," which pokes fun at the trendier side of the country music scene. The version of "Six Days" that appears on this CD isn't the original radio hit, but it's still pretty darn good, as are the other songs on here. Dudley's best work has been out of print for decades; it's really nice to hear at least a few songs back on the stereo again!

Dave Dudley "Trucker Classics" (Sun Records, 1996)
Re-recorded versions, but still totally Dudley-icious...

Dave Dudley "Hits" (Music Mill, 1999)

Dave Dudley "Christmas Truck Stop" (Music Mill, 2000)
A holiday album, originally released in 1982...

Dave Dudley "American Trucker" (Music Mill, 2001)

Dave Dudley "Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun -- The Mercury Hit Singles: 1963-1973" (Edsel, 2004)


Dave Dudley "Dave Dudley Sings Six Days On The Road" (Golden Ring, 1963)

Dave Dudley "Songs About The Working Man" (Mercury, 1964)

Dave Dudley "Travelin' With Dave Dudley" (Mercury, 1964)

Dave Dudley "Talk Of The Town" (Mercury, 1964)

Dave Dudley "Rural Route No. 1" (Mercury, 1965)

Dave Dudley "Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun" (Mercury, 1965)

Dave Dudley "Greatest Hits" (Mercury, 1965)

Dave Dudley "There's A Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere" (Mercury, 1966)

Dave Dudley "Lonelyville" (Mercury, 1966)

Dave Dudley "Free And Easy" (Mercury, 1966)

Dave Dudley "My Kind Of Love" (Mercury, 1967)

Dave Dudley "Dave Dudley Country" (Mercury, 1967)

Dave Dudley "Greatest Hits, v.2" (Mercury, 1968)

Dave Dudley "Thanks For All The Miles" (Mercury, 1968)

Dave Dudley "One More Mile" (Mercury, 1969)

Dave Dudley "George (And The North Woods)" (Mercury, 1969)

Dave Dudley "The Best Of Dave Dudley" (Mercury, 1970)

Dave Dudley "The Pool Shark" (Mercury, 1970)

Dave Dudley "Dave Dudley Sings Listen Betty (I'm Singing Your Song)" (Mercury, 1971)

Dave Dudley "Will The Real Dave Dudley Please Sing" (Mercury, 1971)

Dave Dudley "The Original Traveling Man" (Mercury, 1972)

Dave Dudley "Keep On Truckin' " (Mercury, 1973)

Dave Dudley "Special Delivery" (United Artists, 1975)

Dave Dudley "Uncommonly Good Country" (United Artists, 1975)

Dave Dudley "1776" (United Artists, 1976)

Dave Dudley "Presents" (United Artists, 1975)

Dave Dudley "Chrome And Polish" (Rice, 1977)

Dave Dudley "On The Road Again" (Rice, 1978)

Dave Dudley "Interstate Gold" (Sun, 1980)

Dave Dudley & Charlie Douglas "Diesel Duets" (Sun, 1980)

Dave Dudley "King Of The Road" (Sun, 1981)

Dave Dudley "Trucker's Christmas" (Cetera, 1982)

Dave Dudley "Nashville Rodeo Saloon" (Bellaphon, 1984)

Dave Dudley "Truck Drivin' Man" (Bellaphon, 1985)

Dave Dudley "Country Best" (Bulldog, 1988) (LP)

(Produced by Gene Breeden)

Dave Dudley "Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun" (Country Harvest, 1991)
Later recordings, with Dudley backed by the Country Gentlemen bluegrass band.



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