Kinky Friedman portrait Back in the 1970s, good ole Kinky Friedman tried really hard to be as much of a pain in the ass to as many people as possible... And he did a pretty good job of it! Mounting a brash assault on the redneck ramparts of country music, Friedman arrogated a chunk of hick music history all to himself, in his persona as "The Texas Jewboy." Classic Kinky tracks include "They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore," wherein a modern Member Of The Tribe mops up the barroom floor with his redneck opponent, and "Get Your Biscuits In The Oven (And Your Buns In The Bed)," which in the late '70s so offended the feminist community of Santa Cruz, California, that they mounted a boycott campaign against the legendary hippie country station, KFAT, which cheerfully responded by playing the song morning, noon and night. Mr. Friedman is currently working as a mystery writer and part-time political candidate and is not, contrary to popular belief, enrolled in the Federal Witness Protection Program.


Kinky Friedman "Sold American" (Vanguard, 1973)

Kinky Friedman "Kinky Friedman" (ABC, 1974)

Kinky Friedman "Lasso From El Paso" (Epic, 1976)

Kinky Friedman "Silver Jubilee: 1953-1977" (Echo Hill Ranch, 1977)

Kinky Friedman "Live From The Lone Star Cafe" (Bruno-Dean, 1982)

Kinky Friedman "Under The Double Ego" (Sunrise, 1983)

Kinky Friedman "Old Testaments And New Revelations" (Fruit Of The Tune, 1992)

Kinky Friedman "From One Good American To Another" (Fruit Of The Tune, 1995)

Kinky Friedman/Billy Joe Shaver "Live From Down Under" (Sphincter, 2002)

Kinky Friedman & Little Jewford "Classic Snatches From Europe" (Sphincter, 2003)

Kinky Friedman "Mayhem Aforethought: August 19, 1973 - You Are There" (Sphincter, 2005)

Kinky Friedman "Live From Austin, TX" (New West, 2007)

Kinky Friedman "Kinky Friedman's Bipolar Tour: Live From Woodstock" (Avenue A Records, 2012)

Kinky Friedman "Lost And Found -- Famous Living Room Tape: 1970" (2013)

Kinky Friedman "The Loneliest Man I Ever Met" (Avenue A/Thirty Tigers, 2015)

Best-Ofs & Tributes

Kinky Friedman "They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore" (Bear Family, 2005)

Kinky Friedman "The Last Of The Jewish Cowboys: The Best Of Kinky Friedman" (Shout! Factory, 2006)

Kinky Friedman/Various Artists "PEARLS IN THE SNOW: THE SONGS OF KINKY FRIEDMAN" (1976)

Kinky Friedman/Various Artists "WHY THE HELL NOT... THE SONGS OF KINKY FRIEDMAN" (Sustain, 2006)


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