Texas native Johnny Gimble (1926-2015) was one of country music's finest fiddlers, a stalwart of the early country and western swing scenes, making his mark as a fiddler and mandolinist in the Bob Wills band, and later as one of the most sought-after session players of the 1970s. Gimble was one of the "Nashville Superpickers," Music City's equivalent of LA's Wrecking Crew, and led his own bands infrequently over the years, and played and toured with numerous country stars such as Willie Nelson and Asleep at the Wheel. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Albums

Johnny Gimble "Fiddlin' Around" (Capitol, 1974) (LP)

Johnny Gimble "Texas Dance Party" (Columbia-Lone Star, 1976) (LP)
(Produced by Johnny Gimble)

A wonderful album, one of the finest records released by Willie Nelson's short-lived semi-indie Lone Star label... Legendary fiddler Johnny Gimble, one of the finest sidemen in country music history, is given the full spotlight on this sweet, unpretentious album, which was recorded live on the Fourth of July, 1975 for an appreciative audience in Kerrville, Texas. Gimble's band included locals from Waco, Austin and environs, and they delivered a flawless set of relaxed, down-home honkytonk, western swing, and bluesy twang, with Gimble warmly chatting with the crowd as emcee while also playing some fine fiddle, mandolin and a little banjo as well. It's a great recreation of the kind of easygoing, authentic live shows Texas country fans could hear in the '70s (and still can today!) with one perfect one after another. Nothing on here charted when it came out, but I remember hearing a lot of these songs on the radio, particularly "Under The X In Texas," which is one of many album highlights. Highly recommended!

The Nashville Superpickers "Live From Austin City Limits" (Flying Fish, 1979)

Johnny Gimble "Still Swingin' " (CMH, 1980) (LP)
With the Texas Swing Pioneers...

Johnny Gimble "More Texas Dance Hall Favorites" (Delta, 1980) (LP)

Johnny Gimble "Honky Tonk Hurtin' Songs" (Delta, 1980) (LP)

Johnny Gimble "I Saw The Light: Gospel Instrumentals" (Delta, 1980) (LP)
(Produced by Darrell Holt)

Solid fiddling from Johnny Gimble, backed by drab, nondescript pop-tinged arrangements on this disco-era country gospel set. I guess it was a paying gig, but it's certainly not Gimble's finest work. Can't say as I'd recommend this one.

Johnny Gimble "The Texas Fiddle Collection" (CMH, 1981)

Johnny Gimble "Swingin' The Standards" (Delta, 1982) (LP)

Johnny Gimble "Glorybound" (Word, 1986) (LP)

Johnny Gimble "Still Fiddlin' Around" (MCA, 1988) (LP)

Johnny Gimble "Texas Honky-Tonk Hits" (CMH, 1995)

Johnny Gimble "Under The "X" In Texas" (Tejas, 1998)

Johnny Gimble "Just For Fun" (Tejas, 2002)

Johnny Gimble "A Case Of Gimbles" (Tejas)

Johnny Gimble/Various Artists "Celebrating With Friends" (CMH, 2010)


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