Steve Goodman portrait Steve Goodman (1948-1984) was one of the great composers of the 1970's folk and singer-songwriter scenes, penning gems such as "City Of New Orleans" (a huge hit for Arlo Guthrie) and the country novelty song, "You Never Even Call Me By My Name," which was an early hit for outlaw country singer David Allan Coe. Goodman was close friends with fellow Chicagoan John Prine who shared Goodman's warmth and good humor, and devotion to writing about the little things in life. Early in his career, a college-aged Goodman was diagnosed with leukemia, and he managed the disease for nearly two decades, during which he threw himself into his art, and became one of the best-known and brightest lights of the contemporary American folk scene. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Steve Goodman "The Essential Steve Goodman" (Buddah, 1976)

Steve Goodman "The Best Of The Asylum Years, v.1" (Red Pajamas, 1988)

Steve Goodman "The Best Of The Asylum Years, v.2" (Red Pajamas, 1988)

Steve Goodman "City Of New Orleans" (Pair Records, 1989)

Steve Goodman "The Original Steve Goodman" (Special Music, 1989)

Steve Goodman "No Big Surprise - The Steve Goodman Anthology" (Red Pajamas, 1994)

Steve Goodman "The Baseball Singles" (EP) Red Pajamas, 2008)

Steve Goodman "Steve Goodman/Somebody Else's Troubles" (Beat Goes On, 2012)

Discography - Albums

Steve Goodman/Various Artists "Gathering At The Earl Of Old Town" (Dunwich, 1970)

Steve Goodman "Steve Goodman" (Buddah, 1971)

Steve Goodman "Somebody Else's Troubles" (Buddah, 1972)

Steve Goodman "Jessie's Jig And Other Favorites" (Asylum, 1975)

Steve Goodman "Words We Can Dance To" (Asylum, 1976)

Steve Goodman "Say It In Private" (Asylum, 1977)

Steve Goodman "High And Outside" (Asylum, 1979)

Steve Goodman "Hot Spot" (Asylum, 1980)

Steve Goodman "Artistic Hair" (Red Pajamas, 1983)

Steve Goodman "Affordable Art" (Red Pajamas, 1984)

Steve Goodman "Santa Ana Winds" (Red Pajamas, 1984)

Steve Goodman "Unfinished Business" (Red Pajamas, 1987)

Steve Goodman "The Easter Tapes" (Red Pajamas, 1996)

Steve Goodman "Live Wire" (Red Pajamas, 2000)

Steve Goodman "Don't Blame Me" (Red Pajamas, 2013)

Tribute Albums

Various Artists "TRIBUTE TO STEVE GOODMAN" (Red Pajamas, 1985)
(Produced by Al Bunetta)

How deeply folks loved Steve Goodman is evidenced on this freewheeling tribute album recorded by an impressive lineup of well-wishers honoring Goodman a few months after he passed away in late 1984, after a long struggle with leukemia. There are some familiar pairings, notably Goodman's great friend John Prine singing "Please Don't Bury Me" and "Souvenirs"; Arlo Guthrie crooning "City Of New Orleans"; Bonnie Raitt with "Angel From Montgomery" and good old David Bromberg hamming it up on "I Will Not Be Your Fool." Some of the songs were written by Goodman, others were in his repertoire, and others I guess were included just because they felt right for the time. Also in the lineup were Byron Berline, Jethro Burns, Fred Holstein, Bonnie Koloc and Richie Havens (among others) representing the cream of the folk-scene at the time... It's a little too folkie-gooey for me, though it's hard not to get a little choked up when you hear the emotion in Prine's voice as he takes the stage... Sadly, no one tried to cover "Talk Backwards" or "You Never Even Called Me By My Name," but you can't have everything, can you?

Various Artists "MY OLD MAN: A TRIBUTE TO STEVE GOODMAN" (Red Pajamas, 2006)


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