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Tom T. Hall "The Ultimate Collection" (Universal/Hip-O, 2001)
An outstanding best-of that has it all, from big hits like "The Year That Clayton Delaney Died," "Faster Horses" and "Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine" to his boozer's anthem, "I like Beer," the bluegrassy "Fox On The Run" and numerous odd, discursive ramblings such as "Salute To A Switchblade" and "Your Man Loves You Honey." Weighing in at 24 songs, this disc gives you a lot of bang for the buck -- and even if it doesn't have "Sneaky Snake" (drat!), this is still probably the best single-disc Tom T. Hall set you're likely to see! Recommended.

Tom T. Hall "The Ballad Of Forty Dollars/Homecoming" (Hux, 1969)
Hall's first two albums, reissued together as part of a series of twofers covering his early work.

Tom T. Hall "I Witness Life/One Hundred Children" (Hux, 1970)

Tom T. Hall "In Search Of A Song/Rhymer And Other Five And Dimes" (Hux, 1973)

Tom T. Hall "We All Got Together And.../The Storyteller" (Hux, 1972)

Tom T. Hall "Greatest Hits, v.1/Greatest Hits, v.2" (Hux, 1972)


Tom T. Hall "The Ballad Of Forty Dollars" (Mercury, 1969)

Tom T. Hall "Homecoming" (Mercury, 1969)

Tom T. Hall "I Witness Life" (Mercury, 1970)

Tom T. Hall "One Hundred Children" (Mercury, 1970)

Tom T. Hall "In Search Of A Song" (Mercury, 1971)

Tom T. Hall "We All Got Together And..." (Mercury, 1972)

Tom T. Hall "The Storyteller" (Mercury, 1972)

Tom T. Hall "Rhymer And Other Five And Dimes" (Mercury, 1973)

Tom T. Hall "For The People In The Last Hard Town" (Mercury, 1973)

Tom T. Hall "Country Is..." (Mercury, 1974)

Tom T. Hall "Songs of Fox Hollow" (Mercury, 1974)

Tom T. Hall "I Wrote A Song About it" (Mercury, 1975)

Tom T. Hall "Faster Horses" (Mercury, 1976)

Tom T. Hall "Magnificent Music Machine" (Mercury, 1976)

Tom T. Hall "About Love" (Mercury, 1977)

Tom T. Hall "New Train Same Rider" (RCA, 1978)

Tom T. Hall "Places I've Done Time" (RCA, 1978)

Tom T. Hall "Saturday Morning Songs" (RCA, 1979)

Tom T. Hall "Ol' T's In Town" (RCA, 1979)

Tom T. Hall "A Soldier Of Fortune" (RCA, 1980)

Tom T. Hall & Earl Scruggs "The Storyteller And The Banjo Man" (Columbia, 1982)

Tom T. Hall "Everything From Jesus To Jack Daniels" (Mercury, 1983)

Tom T. Hall "Natural Dreams" (Mercury, 1984)

Tom T. Hall "Song In A Seashell" (Mercury, 1985)

Tom T. Hall "Country Songs For Kids" (Mercury, 1989)

Tom T. Hall "Songs From Sopchoppy" (Mercury, 1996)

Tom T. Hall "Home Grown" (Mercury, 1997)

Tom T. Hall "Sings Miss Dixie And Tom T" (Blue Circle, 2007)


Tom T. Hall "Greatest Hits" (Mercury, 1972)

Tom T. Hall "Greatest Hits, v.2" (Mercury, 1978)

Tom T. Hall "Greatest Hits, v.1/Greatest Hits, v.2" (Hux, 1972)

Tom T. Hall "The Essential Tom T. Hall" (Mercury, 1988)

Tom T. Hall "Storyteller, Poet, Philosopher" (Mercury, 1995)

Tom T. Hall "Loves Lost And Found" (Mercury, 1995)

Tom T. Hall "Country Songs For Children" (Mercury, 1995)

Tom T. Hall "Nashville Storyteller" (BMG International, 1999)

Tom T. Hall "The Millennium Collection" (MCA, 2000)

Tom T. Hall "The Definitive Collection" (Universal/Hip-O, 2006)


Tom T. Hall/Various Artists "REAL: THE TOM T. HALL PROJECT" (Sire/London, 1998)
A very strong tribute album, with contributions from several alt-rock and Americana-scene heavyweights, including Kelly Willis, Richard Buckner, Iris DeMent, Freedy Johnston, Calexico, Whiskeytown, Syd Straw and even fabled elders such as Ralph Stanley and Johnny Cash. It's front-loaded: the second half of the album has some of the strongest material, but pleasant surprises about throughout. Definitely worth checking out!

Charlie Sizemore "The Story Is... The Songs Of Tom T. Hall" (Rebel, 2002)
A fine, bouncy truegrass tribute to songwriter Tom T. Hall, with clean, bright playing and warm vocal interpretations of over a dozen of Hall's tunes. The song selection includes some of his less well-known tunes, as well as old hits like "Pamela Brown," "The Year That Clayton Delaney Died," "Ballad Of Forty Dollars" and others. Along with Sizemore's core backup band, several high-power guest artists are featured on here -- J.D. Crowe, Ralph Stanley, Kathy Mattea and Tom T. Hall himself, delivering the introduction to "Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine." It's interesting to hear Hall's work in the hands of someone else -- his voice and delivery are so distinctive, it's hard to imagine these songs being sung any other way... But Sizemore does a fine job, really getting into the sentimental side of the material, which Hall does as well, though with him it's harder to sort out what's ironic and what's sincere... Anyway, this is a nice record; good example of someone making the most of someone else's work.

Various Artists "I LOVE: TOM T. HALL'S SONGS OF FOX HOLLOW" (Red Beet/CMHF, 2011)
(Produced by Eric Brace & Peter Cooper)

A sweet, goofy tribute to a sweet, goofy record. Tom T. Hall's 1974 album, Songs Of Fox Hollow, is one of the kookiest kids' records ever recorded, and this all-star homage brings its charms back to life. Released when Hall was still at the peak of his fame, Fox Hollow yielded the whimsical hit "I Love," but was also packed with songs about barnyard animals with lyrics that didn't anthropomorphize the critters or have them go on fairy tale adventures, but rather described them rather matter of factly: a fox that ran away from dogs, a runt chicken born with only one leg that learns to survive in the barnyard, a basset hound that wasn't particularly intelligent but wound up "famous," onstage at a Johnny Cash concert. Hall lent an odd, pedestrian touch to his songs, a plainspoken tone with a bizarre self-assurance that his audience would still listen, even though he wasn't really saying anything too fantastic, and for some reason it all plays out perfectly, especially with little listeners in mind. This modern-day remake features some alt-country heavy-hitters: Gary Bennett, Elizabeth Cook, Patty Griffin, Jim Lauderdale and Buddy Miller among them, along with old-timers such as Bobby Bare and Tommy Cash, and even a couple of tracks featuring Duane Eddy(!) With steel guitar legend Lloyd Green anchoring the album, this one's a real winner, sweet in all the right ways and drenched in the oddball charm of the original album... Definitely worth checking out!


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