Goldie Hill portrait Goldie Hill (1933-2005) is one of the great forgotten female country singers, a honkytonk gal who hit the stage in the 1950s, and retired from the spotlight by the end of the '60s. Hill came from a musical family -- her brother Tommy Hill was a notable songwriter and performer in the '50s, and she followed him onto a regular gig on the Louisiana Hayride radio program, where she came to the attention of the Decca record label. Hill recorded a number of duets with Justin Tubb, and was a rising star when she met honkytonk superstar Carl Smith, who she married in 1957. She continued to record but not to tour, and eventually faded from sight... Hill's recorded legacy is a real treat, though, particularly for fans of old-school hard country.

Discography - Best-Ofs

Goldie Hill "I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes" (BACM, 2005)
Although she had some big hits in the early 1950s, honkytonk heroine Goldie Hill sort of faded from sight by the end of the '60s... A real pity, because she was a great singer. This disc, which was the first CD dedicated to her work, gathers two dozen prime tracks from 1952-54, including several duets with Justin Tubb, a couple of songs written by her brother Tommy Hill and her biggest hit, "I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes," a gender-flipped answer to Slim Willet's "Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes." Hill was a robust, confident vocalist, whose sounded a lot like Kitty Wells, or in softer moments, like Rose Maddox. It's all great stuff -- if you love classic country from Kitty Wells or Jean Shepard, then you gotta check this out!

Goldie Hill "Volume Two: It's Just A Matter Of Time" (BACM, 2010)

Goldie Hill "Don't Send Me No More Roses" (Righteous, 2009)
I haven't heard this one yet, but it's nice to see another Goldie Hill Set out on the market... All fifteen tracks here are also included on the earlier collections from the BACM label (listed above), but it does not include her biggest hits such as "I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes," or most of her duets with singer Justin Tubb. Still, it's great stuff -- if you don't know Hill's work, but enjoy other classic country gals such as Jean Shepard and Kitty Wells, then you should definitely check her out!

Goldie Hill "Goldie Hill" (Ling Music Group, 2010)

Goldie Hill "Country Hits" (Goldenlane, 2010)

Discography - Albums

Goldie Hill "Goldie Hill" (Decca, 1960) (LP)
Amazingly, Goldie Hill's entry into the LP market was a set of all new songs: her uptempo stuff from the 'Fifties never made it onto LP. Which isn't to say that this isn't great stuff -- it is, but how weird that her earliest work was left in limbo for so long!

Goldie Hill "Lonely Heartaches" (Decca, 1961) (LP)

Goldie Hill "According To My Heart" (Decca, 1962) (LP)

Goldie Hill "Country Hit Parade" (Decca, 1964) (LP)
Hill covers a bunch of country standards, including oldies like "Crazy Arms" and "Hey Joe," as well as newer tunes like Buck Owens' "Love's Gonna Live Here" and Ernest Ashworth's "Talk Back Trembling Lips..." Even a bit of Patsy Cline ("Walking After Midnight") and Johnny Cash ("Ring Of Fire") It's nothing new, but it sure sounds nice the way she sings 'em.

Goldie Hill "Country Songs" (Vocalion, 1967) (LP)
Basically a straight reissue of her 1960 debut LP, Goldie Hill, with two songs left off to make the album cheaper.

Goldie Hill "Sings Country" (Vocalion, 1968) (LP)
A budget-line reissue of the According To My Heart album, with two songs dropped from the playlist.

Goldie Hill Smith "Goldie Sings Again" (Epic, 1968) (LP)

Goldie Hill Smith "Country Gentleman's Lady -- Goldie Hill Smith Sings Her Favorites" (Epic, 1968) (LP)


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