Doug Kershaw portrait A titan of Louisiana country, cajun music and swamp-pop, fiddler/songwriter Doug Kershaw wrote the smash song, "Louisiana Man," as well as "Diggy Liggy Lo," and many other songs that have become regional anthems. He also crossed over, first into mainstream country music (as a member of both the Louisiana Hayride and the Grand Ole Opry) and then into the nexus of the hippie-longhair roots revival of the late 1960s and early '70s. A prolific recording artist, he has delved into the heart of cajun culture and helped craft some of its best-known and most enduring music. Here's a quick look...

Rusty & Doug

Rusty & Doug with Wiley Barkdull "Legendary Jay Miller Sessions" (Flyright, 1991)
(Rusty and Doug Kershaw, that is...) Prime material by some of Lousiana's best country/swamp-pop heros. These 1950s recordings were made by well-known producer-impressario Jay Miller; some tracks are from radio shows, others are from singles that were released on labels that Miller was associated with. One quality stands out among all these recordings: the powerful stylistic influence of honkytonk jukebox star Lefty Frizzell. If you like Lefty, you should love this.

Rusty & Doug Kershaw "The Best Of..." (Curb, 1991)

Rusty & Doug Kershaw "Greatest Hits" (Varese Sarabande, 2002)

Rusty & Doug Kershaw "Louisiana Men -- The Complete Hickory Recordings" (Ace, 2004)

Rusty & Doug Kershaw "Oh Boy Classics Presents..." (Oh Boy, 2002)

Doug Kershaw Solo

Doug Kershaw "The Cajun Way" (Warner Brothers, 1969)

Doug Kershaw "Spanish Moss" (Warner Brothers, 1970)

Doug Kershaw "Swamp Grass" (Warner Brothers, 1971)

Doug Kershaw "Doug Kershaw" (Warner Brothers, 1972)

Doug Kershaw "Devil's Elbow" (Warner Brothers, 1972) (reissued on Wounded Bird)

Doug Kershaw "Douglas James Kershaw" (Warner Brothers, 1973)

Doug Kershaw "Mama Kershaw's Boy" (Warner Brothers, 1974)

Doug Kershaw "Alive And Pickin' " (Warner Brothers, 1975)

Doug Kershaw "Ragin' Cajun" (Warner Brothers, 1976)

Doug Kershaw "Flip, Flop & Fly" (Warner Brothers, 1977)

Doug Kershaw "Louisiana Man" (Warner Brothers, 1978)

Doug Kershaw "Two-Step Fever" (Warner Brothers, 1977)

Doug Kershaw "Hot Diggidy Doug" (BMG, 1989)

Doug Kershaw "Two Step Fever/Fievre De Deux Etapes" (Susie Q, 1999)

Doug Kershaw "Still Cajun After All These Years" (Era, 2001)

Doug Kershaw "Diggy Diggy Lo" (Era, 1999)

Doug Kershaw "Easy" (Cooking Vinyl, 2003)

Doug Kershaw/Various Artists "Cajun: Sweet Home Louisiana" (Cooking Vinyl, 2004)

Doug Kershaw & The University Of Northern Colorado Symphony Orchestra "Classical Cajun" (Self-Released, 2008)


Doug Kershaw "The Best Of Doug Kershaw" (WEA, 1989)

Doug Kershaw "Fais Do Do -- The Music Of The Bayou: 1969-1978" (Raven, 2006)

Doug Kershaw "Alive & Pickin'/Louisiana Man" (Wounded Bird, 2007)
A straight reissue of two albums from the 1970s...

Doug Kershaw "Swamp Grass/Douglas James Kershaw" (Wounded Bird, 2007)
A straight reissue of two albums from the 1970s...

Doug Kershaw "Genus Cambarus" (Wounded Bird, 1972/2007)

Doug Kershaw "Doug Kershaw/Mama Kershaw's Boy" (Wounded Bird, 2007)
A straight reissue of two albums from the 1970s...

Doug Kershaw "The Crazy Cajun Recordings" (Edsel, 1999)


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