Judy Lynn portrait Judy Lynn (1936-2010) was a former beauty queen (Miss Idaho, in 1955...) and a regular on the 1960s Vegas casino/nightclub scene, known in part for her flashy Nudie suits and cowgirl gear. She had only modest success in the country charts, but maintained a long career and made a bunch of records. Apparently she retired from show biz in 1980 and became a minister instead... an interesting capstone to a colorful life in showbiz. Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Albums

Judy Lynn "At The Golden Nugget" (United Artists, 1962) (LP)
(Produced by H. W. "Pappy" Daily)

This was her first album, which looks like a live set recorded at the Golden Nugget casino, but really seems to be a studio session. It's one of many Vegas-related records, as you'll see below. Lynn didn't have the greatest voice, but on uptempo tunes she does okay, fitting into a country tradition of iffy "girl" singers... This album is notable for a high proportion of songs credited to Ms. Lynn herself (half the album), with other original material such as Danny Harrison and Don Carter's "Footsteps Of A Fool," which was the Top Ten single that launched her career in 1962. She never came close to that kind of chart success again, but hey, topping the charts isn't everything. Other highlights here include a couple of cornball recitations, notably Lynn's own "My Father's Voice," in which the singer's dead dad's ghostly voice comes back to remind her about the principles of how to be a "good girl," Eisenhower-style -- don't hang out with a bad crowd, don't stay out late, and don't spend too much time around boys. And if you do get "in trouble," don't tell anyone but Momma and Jesus... Ooops! Waitaminute... God's calling! Dad's gotta go again... Bye, sweetie!! XXOXX.

Judy Lynn "Here Is Our Gal" (United Artists, 1963) (LP)

Judy Lynn "America's Number One Most Promising Country And Western Girl Singer" (United Artists, 1964) (LP)

Judy Lynn "The Judy Lynn Show" (United Artists, 1965) (LP)

Judy Lynn "The Best Of Judy Lynn" (United Artists, 1966) (LP)
Includes a couple of tracks not included on her three earlier albums...

Judy Lynn "The Judy Lynn Show Plays Again" (Musicor, 1966) (LP)

Judy Lynn "Honey Stuff" (Musicor, 1967) (LP)

Judy Lynn "Golden Nuggets" (Musicor, 1967) (LP)

Judy Lynn "In Las Vegas" (Unart, 1967) (LP)

Judy Lynn "Judy Lynn Sings At Caesar's Palace" (Columbia, 1969) (LP)

Judy Lynn "Parts Of Love" (Amaret, 1969) (LP)

Judy Lynn "Naturally" (Amaret, 1971) (LP)

Judy Lynn "...Sings Her Most Requested Songs" (Sunset, 1975) (LP)


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