Originally from Indianapolis, Mary McCaslin headed out west and became a stalwart of the California folk scene, and carving out a distinctive, rootsy sound that expanded the horizons of contemproary folk music. Fans of Kate Wolf and Iris DeMent may hear in their work an echo of McCaslin's own plaintive tones, while her work with then-husband Jim Ringer still stands as a pillar of the style now known as Americana music. Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Mary McCaslin "The Best Of Mary McCaslin" (Philo, 1984) (LP)
An eleven-song collection of her work for the Philo label...

Mary McCaslin "Things We Said Today: The Best Of Mary McCaslin" (Philo, 1992)

Discography - Albums

Mary McCaslin "Goodnight Everybody" (Barnaby, 1969) (LP)
Her debut album... this was reissued the following year as Blue Ridge Epitaph, on the Piccadilly label.

Mary McCaslin "Way Out West" (Philo, 1973)

Mary McCaslin "Prairie In The Sky" (Philo, 1975)

Mary McCaslin "Old Friends" (Philo, 1977)

Mary McCaslin & Jim Ringer "The Bramble And The Rose" (Philo, 1978)

Mary McCaslin "Sunny California" (Mercury, 1979) (LP)
McCaslin's major-label foray... later reissued on the Philo label.

Mary McCaslin "A Life And Time" (Flying Fish, 1981)

Mary McCaslin "Broken Promises" (Philo, 1994)

Mary McCaslin "Rain: The Lost Album" (Bear Family, 1999)
Archival recordings from an unreleased album cut for Capitol Records around 1967-68...

Mary McCaslin/Lacy J. Dalton/Ginny Mitchell "The Girls From Santa Cruz" (Mitchell/Collins, 2002)
A concert album... also available as a DVD.

Mary McCaslin "Better Late Than Never" (Mary McCaslin, 2006)


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