Bob McDill portrait Songwriter Bob McDill broke into the music business in the late 1960s, at first pitching songs in the pop market, but switching to country after he landed a job as a staff songwriter for Jack Clement. McDill was amazingly prolific and widely covered by three decades worth of Nashville stars. Some of his best work is associated with singer Don Williams, who regularly recorded McDill's songs on album after album. Here's a quick look at McDill and his music...

Discography - Albums

Bob McDill "Short Stories" (JMI, 1972) (LP)
(Produced by Dickie Lee & Allen Reynolds)

Discography - Tributes

Various Artists "BOB McDILL: YOU KNOW HIM BY HIS MUSIC" (Vogue Productions, 1977) (LP)
This promo-only collection was produced as a radio special, with narration and interviews by Mac Curtis, testimonials from artists such as Bobby Bare, Johnny Russell and Don Williams, as well as album cuts by all four artists, as well as Dave & Sugar, Crystal Gayle, Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Although this is an odd, impossibly obscure item, the eight songs included here demonstrate the need for and possibility of a good Bob McDill tribute/compilation album. There've only been more of his songs recorded since this disc came out!

Bobby Bare "Me And McDill" (RCA, 1977)

Don Williams "Sings Bob McDill" (MCA, 1986) (LP)
This is a collection of tracks recorded on various albums over the years, including gems like "Amanda" and "Good Ole Boys Like Me"...


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