Wes McGhee portrait British-born guitarist Wes McGhee hails from Leicestershire, but came to Austin just as the Texas indie scene began to burst in full flower. He's commuted back and forth ever since and worked with just about everybody you can think of, while releasing several albums on his own independent Terrapin label... Most of those records are out of print, but worth tracking down for a pleasant surprise or two...

Discography - Albums

Wes McGhee "Long Nights And Banjo Music" (Terrapin, 1978) (LP)

Wes McGhee "Airmail" (Terrapin, 1980)

Wes McGhee "Landing Lights" (Terrapin, 1982)

Wes McGhee "Thanks For The Chicken!" (Terrapin, 1985)
With Alvin Crow on fiddle, Ponty Bone playing accordion, and Kimmie Rhodes singing on "Whiskey Is My Driver."

Wes McGhee "Zacatecas" (Terrapin, 1987)

Wes McGhee "Neon And Dust" (Minidoka, 1990)

Wes McGhee "Border Guitars" (Road Goes On Forever, 1994)

Wes McGhee "Heartache Avenue" (Road Goes On Forever, 1995)

Wes McGhee "Backbeat" (Road Goes On Forever, 1997)

Wes McGhee "Mexico" (Terrapin, 2004)

Wes McGhee "Blue Blue Night" (Terrapin, 2005)


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