Katy Moffatt portrait Singer-songwriter Katy Moffatt strikes me mostly as a folkie, in the Mary Chapin-Carpenter/Nanci Griffith/Sarah McLachlan mode... Not quite my cup of tea, but there's enough twang in there that she also deserves notice in the Americana rosters... Here's some of her work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Katy Moffatt "Trilogy" (Floating World/Evangeline, 2009)
A reissue collection with three full albums: Evangeline Hotel (1993), Hearts Gone Wild (1994) and Midnight Radio (1996).

Discography - Albums

Katy Moffatt "Katy" (CBS, 1976)
(Produced by Billy Sherrill)

Katy Moffatt "Kissin' In The California Sun" (Columbia, 1977)
Early on, her music was drenched in LA pop-soul stylings, with precious little twang. I guess she was aiming at some sort of Rita Coolidge-y MOR sound? At any rate, her voice doesn't fit the languid arrangements, or even the faux gospel of "Saved By The Grace Of Your Love," pure Hollywood slickness, with a hint of Steely Dan around the ages. Was this really what she started out sounding like? Jeez. Who knew?

Katy Moffatt "Walkin' On The Moon" (Philo, 1989)

Katy Moffatt "Child Bride" (Philo, 1989)

Katy Moffatt & Hugh Moffatt "Dance Me Outside" (Philo, 1992)

Katy Moffatt "Indoor Fireworks" (Red Moon, 1992)

Katy Moffatt "The Evangeline Hotel" (Philo, 1993)

Katy Moffatt "The Greatest Show On Earth" (1993)

Katy Moffatt "Hearts Gone Wild" (Watermelon, 1994)

Katy Moffatt & Kate Brislin "Sleepless Nights" (Rounder, 1996)

Katy Moffatt "Midnight Radio" (Watermelon, 1996)

Katy Moffatt "Angel Town" (HMG, 1998)

Katy Moffatt "Loose Diamond" (Hightone, 1999)

Katy Moffatt "Cowboy Girl" (Shanachie, 2001)
An album of western music with musical assist from Western Jubilee's Rich O'Brien...

Katy Moffatt "Up Close And Personal" (Fuel, 2005)

Katy Moffatt "Fewer Things" (Zeppelin, 2008)


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