George Morgan portrait George Morgan (1924-75) was one of the finest, if not the finest of the 1950s country crooners. Although Jim Reeves, Hank Locklin and Eddie Arnold had more and bigger hits, Morgan seldom coasted on his career or phoned in it the way the big guys sometimes seemed to... He always sang like he cared about the songs, and that emotional connection is still there in the music, all these decades later. Although he sang smoother and less twangy than his honky-tonk brethren, his music had true feeling and soul... If you give these old records a chance they will win you over... And by the way, his daughter, Lorrie Morgan had a pretty successful run on the charts herself, in the 1990s.

Discography - Best-Ofs

George Morgan "Room Full of Roses -- The George Morgan Collection" (Razor & Tie, 1996)
It's tempting for honkytonk and hard country fans to overlook George Morgan as just another Eddy Arnold-like countrypolitan crooner, though it turns out that he was really one of Music City's best singers - a romantic in the Carl Smith-ish heart song style. This excellent CD collects some of Morgan's best material, mostly from the '50s, and makes a strong case for reevaluating his place in country music. If you enjoy sentimental country songs, but can live without the goopy, overwrought production the Nashville usually piled on top during this time period, then this collection might be just what you're looking for. I totally love it. Highly recommended, even with the multiple "rose"-themed songs.

George Morgan "Candy Kisses -- 28 Original Mono Recordings: 1949-1952" (ASV-Living Era, 2003)
This is a fine compliment to the Room Full Of Roses collection listed above, including nearly twenty tunes not on that album. Partly, this is due to ASV's sticking to Morgan's early years, but it's still a pleasure to hear material from this dimly-remembered country crooner. Sweet, sentimental stuff, sung with a Crosby-like ease. Also includes a couple of duet tracks recorded with Rosemary Clooney, who was also on the Columbia label at the time; they didn't exactly tear up the charts, but they do showcase Morgan in an overtly "pop" framework, another nice touch in a fine selection of old-fashioned hillbilly hits. Recommended!

George Morgan "Candy Kisses" (Box Set) (Bear Family, 2000)
For the truly hardcore, true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool George Morgan fan, there's this big-old, gigantic 8-CD Bear Family box, which pretty much covers it all. Holy cow. I'm mighty tempted.

George Morgan "Candy Kisses Are The Best Of All" (Jasmine, 2000)
For a deeper glimpse into Morgan's professionalism and musical breadth, check out this nice set of live performances, presumably lifted from apearances at the Jamboree Show and the Grand Ole Opry, where Morgan was a featured artist. Here he shows himself equally at ease as a Jim Reeves/Eddy Arnold-style crooner, with a bluesy little Marty Robbins twist. Morgan sings some of his hits, as well as less-expected versions of hits of the day... A nice slice of old-style showmanship; nice sound quality, too!

George Morgan "One Woman Man" (BACM, 2010)

Discography - Albums

George Morgan "Morgan, By George!" (Columbia, 1957) (LP)

George Morgan "Golden Memories" (Columbia, 1961) (LP)
Sentimental standards and oldies, many from the Pop side of the tracks, and even some pre-Tin Pan Alley material!

George Morgan "Tender Lovin' Care" (Columbia, 1964) (LP)

George Morgan & Marion Worth "Slippin' Around" (Columbia, 1964) (LP)

George Morgan "Red Roses For A Blue Lady" (Columbia, 1965) (LP)

George Morgan "Room Full Of Roses" (Columbia-Harmony, 1966) (LP)

George Morgan "Candy Kisses" (Starday, 1967) (LP)

George Morgan "Country Hits By Candlelight" (Starday, 1967)

George Morgan "Steal Away" (Starday, 1968) (LP)

George Morgan "Barbara" (Starday, 1968) (LP)

George Morgan "Misty Blue" (Nashville, 1969) (LP)

George Morgan "Sounds Of Goodbye" (Starday, 1969) (LP)

George Morgan "...Sings Like A Bird" (Stop, 1969) (LP)

George Morgan "The Real George" (Stop, 1971) (LP)

George Morgan "Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town/Somewhere Around Midnight" (MCA, 1974) (LP)

George Morgan "A Candy Mountain Melody" (MCA, 1975) (LP)

George Morgan "From This Moment On" (4 Star, 1975) (LP)


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