Canadian-born country singer Colleen Peterson (1950-1996) was originally from Ontario, and had greater commercial success up North than in the States. She moved to Nashville in the early '70s and released a few well-regarded albums that generated modest hits, mostly in Canada... Peterson was working in a folk group called Quartette in the 1990s when she got cancer, eventually succumbing to the disease in 1996.

Discography - Best-Ofs

Colleen Peterson "What Goes Around Comes Around" (EMI, 1995)

Colleen Peterson "Postcards From California" (EMI, 2004)

Discography - Albums

Colleen Peterson "Beginning To Feel Like Home" (Capitol, 1976) (LP)
This little-known solo debut showcases Canadian-born Colleen Peterson at her best -- rootsy, twangy and down-home, kind of like a more-country version of Bonnie Raitt. I'd never heard of her before, either, but this soulful Canadian had a nice, bluesy style, the sort of funky crossover that folks were into back in the '70s. She wasn't the greatest singer, but this is a strong album nonetheless, with a good backing band that included Dick Feller (of all folks!) on guitar, as well as Randy Scruggs and Lloyd Green providing some solid steel work. Interesting song selection, too, with tunes by Rusty Wier, Charlie Rich, Jesse Winchester and Mississippi John Hurt (!), as well as a couple of songs written by Peterson herself. A nice slice of '70s-style twang-pop from up North.

Colleen Peterson "Colleen" (Capitol, 1977) (LP)

Colleen Peterson "Takin' My Boots Off" (Capitol, 1978) (LP)

Colleen Peterson "Basic Facts" (Book Shop, 1988)

Colleen Peterson "Let Me Down Easy" (Intersound, 1991)

Quartette "Quartette" (1993)
A Canadian country/folk all-star band, featuring singers Colleen Peterson, Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford, and Cindy Church. Later, Gwen Swick joined the band, replacing her friend Colleen Peterson, who died in 1996. More on the folkie side of things, overall...

Quartette "Work Of The Heart" (Denon, 1995)


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