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Jeanne Pruett "Satin Sheets: Jeanne Pruett's Greatest Hits" (Varese Sarabande, 1998)
An Alabama native who made a big splash in 1973 with the erotically-tinged #1 single, "Satin Sheets," Jeanne Pruett was a fine country singer who retained her rural edge even at the height of the countrypolitan sound. This disc collects the best material from her Decca and MCA singles... and is, sadly, long out of print...

Jeanne Pruett "Greatest Hits" (King)
I'm not totally sure what's happening with this disc... There are live versions of some of "Satin Sheets" and some of her other hits, but it's not really clear when any of this material was recorded... Hmmm. I yam skeptical.

Jeanne Pruett "Satin Sheets - Live!" (Starday, 2006)
I'm just guessing here, but this is probably the same material as on the King Records collection above... Maybe these tracks come from the early 1980s Audiograph concert albums listed below? Anyone know for sure?

Discography - Albums

Jeanne Pruett "Love Me" (Decca, 1972)

Jeanne Pruett "Satin Sheets" (MCA, 1973) (LP)

Jeanne Pruett "Jeanne Pruett" (MCA, 1974) (LP)
(Produced by Walter Haynes)

A fine mix of slick countrypolitan (oceanic string arrangements in the background) and real country roots (the mournful pedal steel, and Pruett's gritty voice). This is a consistently engaging record, largely due to the solidity of her performance -- she was really a flawless singer, and even when the Nashville-icious arrangements verge on getting tacky or torpid, Pruett anchors this album with soulfulness and emotional depth. There's only one song on here I'd consider a dud, "I'm Your Woman," which was -- of course -- a really big hit, one of her strongest follow-ups to "Satin Sheets."

Jeanne Pruett "Honey On His Hands" (MCA, 1974) (LP)

Jeanne Pruett "Encore!" (IBC, 1979) (LP)

Jeanne Pruett "Star-Studded Nights" (Audiograph, 1982)

Jeanne Pruett "Music Row" (Audiograph, 1983)


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