Lawrence Reynolds (1944-2000) was a prolific songwriter who had some success in Nashville and is best remembered for the Loretta Lynn hit, "If God Is Dead, Who's This Living In My Heart" and for his own recording "Jesus Is A Soul Man," a novelty number that hit the Top 30 in the fall of 1969. Although his songs were recorded by both pop and country artists, the Alabama-born Reynolds tilted towards twang, paying homage to Hank Williams and casting his eyes towards Nashville throughout his career. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Albums

Lawrence Reynolds "Gee, I Sure Am Blue" (Astro Records, 1969-?) (LP)
(Produced by Jimmie O. Rogers)

Lawrence Reynolds "Country Pop And Soul" (Astro Records, 1969-?) (LP)
(Produced by Jimmie O. Rogers)

Lawrence Reynolds "Jesus Is A Soul Man" (Warner Brothers-Canada, 1970-?) (LP & MP3)

Lawrence Reynolds "It's A Long, Long Way To Nashville" (Astro Records, 19--?) (LP)

Lawrence Reynolds "He Comes From Alabama" (Country Discovery Records, 2012) (CD & MP3)

Lawrence Reynolds "Plain And Simple Truth" (Country Discovery Records, 2012-?) (CD & MP3)


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