David Rogers (1936-1993) was a country music second-stringer whose career took several years to really take off. His first full album didn't come out until three years after he signed to Columbia, and while he scored a couple of Top Ten hits, Rogers couldn't crack into the Nashville front line. Throughout the 1970s, he skipped from label to label, but kept a constant though modest presence in the charts. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

David Rogers "The Best Of David Rogers" (Music Master, 1983)
Dunno for sure, but I'm guessing these are re-recordings, not the original versions...

David Rogers "I Wake Up In Heaven" (Country Harvest, 1991)

Discography - Albums

David Rogers "A World Called You" (Columbia, 1970) (LP)

David Rogers "She Don't Make Me Cry" (Columbia, 1971) (LP)

David Rogers "Just Thank Me" (Atlantic, 1972) (LP)

David Rogers "Need You" (Atlantic, 1973) (LP)

David Rogers "Farewell To The Ryman" (Atlantic, 1973) (LP)

David Rogers "Hey There Girl" (Atlantic, 1974) (LP)

David Rogers "Whole Lotta Livin' In A House" (United Artists, 1975) (LP)

David Rogers "I'm Gonna Love You Right Out Of This World" (Republic, 1977) (LP)

David Rogers "Lovingly" (Republic, 1977) (LP)

David Rogers "David Rogers Country" (Hal Kat Country, 1984)


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