Margie Singleton is a fascinating 1960s also-ran, a Louisiana gal who was once married to label head/music promoter Shelby Singleton... She's best remembered as a duets singer; her album with George Jones is a little-known gem, while later duets with Faron Young, particularly the lively "Keeping Up With The Joneses" flung her towards the top of the charts. Later she worked with (and married) indie artist Leon Ashley, once again just grazing the brass ring of chart-topping fame. Singleton was a successful songwriter, with numerous country hits as well as pop hits such as Brook Benton's "Lie To Me." Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Margie Singleton "Jukebox Pearls: Pledging My Love" (Bear Family, 2013)
A nice collection of early work by country singer Margie Singleton, who's probably best known for her late '60s/early '70s work with husband Leon Ashley. She had been recorded for a decade or more before that, though, and this 1955-65 retrospective gathers a bunch of her rougher, more hillbilly stuff, recorded when she as still married to record exec Shelby Singleton...

Discography - Albums

Margie Singleton & George Jones "Duets -- Country Style" (Mercury, 1962) (LP)

Margie Singleton "Crying Time" (United Artists, 1965) (LP)
(Produced by Kelso Herston)

Her first solo album... Considering the rural, hillbilly charm of her early recordings and duets, this album is a bit of a letdown. I like her voice, but the soft arrangements and slow tempo holds her back and frames her as a somewhat mannered ballad singer, rarely letting her personality come through. Still, it's worth checking out, particularly as Ms. Singleton, a successful songwriter, composed about half the songs on here.

Margie Singleton "...Sings Country Music With Soul" (Ashley, 1967) (LP)

Margie Singleton & Leon Ashley "A New Brand Of Country" (Ashley, 1969) (LP)

Margie Singleton & Leon Ashley "Ode To Billie Joe" (Pickwick/Hilltop, 1969) (LP)

Margie Singleton "Harper Valley PTA" (Pickwick, 1969) (LP)

Margie Singleton "You Gave Me A Mountain" (Pickwick, 1969) (LP)


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