John Stewart (1939-2008) transitioned from '60s folkie to '70s singer-songwriter, spending most of the 'Sixties as a member of the popular Kingston Trio before going solo and exploring more a introspective writing style. Both a chart star and a cult favorite, Stewart was one of several artists who set the pace for the singer-songwriter movement... Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

John Stewart "Airdream Believer: A Retrospective" (Shanachie, 1995)

John Stewart "Turning Music Into Gold - The Best Of John Stewart" (Polydor, 1995)

John Stewart "Gold" (World Artists, 1999)

John Stewart "A Neon Dreams Sampler" (Neon Dreams, 2003)

John Stewart "Earth Rider" (Raven, 2003)

John Stewart "Willard/California Bloodlines" (BGO, 2001)

John Stewart "Cannons In The Rain/Wingless Angels" (Bear Family, 1995)

The Kingston Trio "The Stewart Years" (Bear Family, 2000)
A 10-CD set, covering the Kingston Trio's 1961-67 era, when John Stewart took over from the departed Dave Guard...

Discography - Albums

The Cumberland Three "Folk Scene USA" (Roulette, 1960)

The Cumberland Three "Civil War Almanac, v.1: Yankees" (Roulette, 1960) (LP)

The Cumberland Three "Civil War Almanac, v.2: Rebels" (Roulette, 1960) (LP)

John Stewart & Buffy Ford "Signals Through The Glass" (Capitol, 1968)
(Produced by Voyle Gilmore)

Yeesh. Honestly? I thought this was pretty dreadful... Here, Stewart's teamed up with a shrill folkie warbler roughly in the Judy Collins/Joan Baez mold, singing a set of far-too serious folk tunes, with forced profundity galore. Although the production is surprisingly restrained, the poppish influences of the time are there, with light string arrangements and just enough of a sunshine-y feel to give them a Mamas & Papas sound when they harmonize. Although most of the material didn't age well (and probably wasn't that much fun at the time, either...) there are a few gems on here, notably his version of "July, You're A Woman," a perky song that became a '70s bluegrass standard, and the topically-oriented "Mucky Truckee River," which starts off with an interesting verse about what a bummer the politics of the era had become. (Less successful is the equally topical but far more bombastic "Draft Age," which closes out the album...) Also included is "Santa Barbara," one of Stewart's best early songs, even though Ford's vocals make it kind of grating. I suppose if you're a hardcore John Stewart fan, you'd want to check this out, and I'm sure there are aficianados of 'Sixties folk who will dig it, too, but I found this to mostly be pretty eye-roll worthy. Different strokes, right?

John Stewart "California Bloodlines" (Capitol, 1969)

John Stewart "Willard" (Capitol, 1970)

John Stewart "The Lonesome Picker Rides Again" (Warner Brothers, 1971)

John Stewart "Sunstorm" (Warner Brothers, 1972)

John Stewart "Cannons In The Rain" (RCA, 1973)

John Stewart "The Phoenix Concerts" (RCA, 1974)

John Stewart "Wingless Angels" (RCA, 1975)

John Stewart "Fire In The Wind" (RSO, 1977) (LP)

John Stewart "Bombs Away Dream Babies" (1979)

John Stewart "In Concert" (RCA, 1980) (LP)

John Stewart "Forgotten Songs Of Some Old Yesterday" (1980)

John Stewart "Dream Babies Go Hollywood" (RSO, 1980)

John Stewart & Chuck McDermott "Blondes" (Allegiance, 1982) (LP)
A collaboration with indiebilly singer Chuck McDermott...

John Stewart & Nick Reynolds "Revenge Of The Budgie" (Takoma, 1983) (LP)

John Stewart "Trancas" (Affordable Dreams, 1984)

John Stewart "Centennial" (Homecoming, 1984)

John Stewart "The Last Campaign" (Homecoming, 1985)

John Stewart "Punch The Big Guy" (Shanachie, 1987)

John Stewart "Deep In The Neon: Live At McCabes" (Homecoming Records, 1991)

John Stewart "American Sketches" (Delta, 1991)

John Stewart "Neon Beach" (Homecoming Records, 1991)

John Stewart "Bullets In The Hour Glass" (Shanachie, 1992)

John Stewart "American Originals" (Capitol, 1992)

John Stewart "Chilly Winds" (Folk Era, 1993)

John Stewart "Bandera" (Folk Era, 1995)

John Stewart "American Journey" (1996)

John Stewart & Buffy Ford "Live At The Turf Inn, Scotland" (Folk Era, 1996)

John Stewart "Rough Sketches From Route 66" (Folk Era, 1997)

John Stewart "Teresa And The Lost Songs" (Homecoming Records, 1998)

John Stewart "One Night In Denver" (1998)

John Stewart "John Stewart & Darwins Army" (Appleseed, 1999)

John Stewart "Rocket Roy In The Real World" (1999)

John Stewart "Wires From The Bunker" (Appleseed, 2000)

John Stewart "Front Row Music: Before The War" (Neon Dreams, 2001)

John Stewart "Secret Tapes" (Neon Dreams, 2002)

John Stewart "Havana" (Appleseed, 2003)

John Stewart "The Complete Blondes" (Neon Dreams, 2003)

John Stewart "The Day The River Sang" (Appleseed, 2006)

John Stewart "Bite My Foot" (Folk Era, 2009)

John Stewart "The Amazing ZigZag Concert" (Road Goes On Forever, 2010)

John Stewart "Summer's Child: Ebbet's Field, 1975" (2012)


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