Banjoist and country comedian David Akeman, who went by the stage name of "Stringbean," performed regularly on the Grand Ole Opry, toured with Porter Wagoner, and was a cast member of the Hee Haw TV show. Along with Grandpa Jones, Stringbean was one of the last great popularizers of the "old-timey" stringband tradition, bringing the old-fashioned showbiz sensibility of the Depression-era hillbillies to thousands of homes in the 1960s and '70s... Here's a quick look at his work..

Discography - Best-Ofs

Stringbean "Front Porch Funnies" (King, 1996)

Stringbean "Barn Yard Banjo Pickin" (Gusto, 2006)
A budget-price 2-CD set... doubtless a great introduction to his work.

Discography - Albums

Stringbean "Old Time Banjo Pickin' And Singin' " (Starday, 1961)

Stringbean "More Of That Rare Old Time Banjo Pickin' And Singin' " (Starday, 1962)

Stringbean "A Salute To Uncle Dave Macon" (Starday, 1963)

Stringbean "Way Back In The Hills Of Old Kentucky" (Starday, 1964)

Stringbean "The Hee-Haw Corn Shucker" (Nashville, 1971)

Stringbean "Me And My Ole Crow (Got A Good Thing Goin')" (Nugget, 1972) (LP)

Stringbean "Goin' To The Grand Ole Opry" (Ovation, 1978)


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