The Supernatural Family Band was one of West Texas' oldest musical institutions, the brainchild of family patriarch Tommy Hancock, who played in country bands dating back to the 1950s. He was in the original lineup of The Flatlanders, and is cited by many Texas indie artists as an inspiration and influence. The Family Band, made up of members of the Hancock family (including some cousins and friends) was started in the early '70s and included Hancock's wife Charlene (a singer who had recorded several singles in the '60s) as well as their children, who would go on to record albums of their own. (Apparently Tommy Hancock was not related to songwriter Butch Hancock, although he worked with his in the Flatlanders, and frequetly recorded his songs...) The gals in the Family Band also performed as Texana Dames, recording a couple of albums under that name. Here's a quick look at the group's supernatural work...

Discography - Albums

The Supernatural Family Band "...In The Beginning" (Sandyland, 1973) (LP)
a lot of cover tunes

The Supernatural Family Band "The Supernatural Family Band" (Akashic, 1976) (LP)

The Supernatural Family Band "Texas Inlaws" (Akashic, 1978) (LP)

The Supernatural Family Band & Conni Hancock "Split Personality" (Akashik, 1986) (LP)
(Produced by Lonnie Mack & Joe Gracey)

There are indeed a whole slew of Hancocks on this album -- songwriter, singer and steel guitarist Conni, along with mother Charlene and sister Traci (who went on to records as the Texana Dames) as well as Joaquin and Tommy X. Hancock, along with a little guitar ooomph from producer Lonnie Mack. This is a very unassuming album, very indie and yes, maybe a little bit clunky and amateurish. Can't really say I'm a huge fan of her vocals, but she did sound like true Texas, from tip to toe, with a little hint of the same laconic Southern drawl as Lucinda Williams. All the songs are Conni Hancock originals -- a mix of country, folk and blues -- and show the direction(s) this Lubbock gal would be taking in years to come.

The Supernatural Family Band "Live At The Little Bear" (Akashic, 2003) (LP)
This live show from 1975 was recorded at a gig in Colorado, and has provided material used on several Akashic releases over the years. Among the guest musicians is Flatlander Jimmie Dale Gilmore, who twangs away on guitar and sings lead on a song or two...

The Supernatural Family Band "Lubbock Lights" (Akashic, 2003)
A live show from 1986, which first came out as a cassette-only release...

Discography - Related Records

Charlene Condray Hancock "Fifty Years" (Akashic, 2003)

Texana Dames "Texana Dames" (Amazing Records, 1992)
This all-female trio was another Supernatural Family Band spinoff, with mother Charlene Hancock and siblings Traci and Conni Hancock harmonizing on a set of twang tunes...

The Austin Tea Party "Los Dos Equis" (Akashic, 2003)


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