Mary Taylor was a hard-working songwriter and performer who struggled to establish herself in the changing world of mid-'60s Nashville, when beehives were still in style, and countrypolitan was coming in. Signed to Capitol Records and later to Dot, she released a handful of singles for each label, and penned several songs covered by other artists... Taylor's first big breakthrough was in 1965 when Jody Miller recorded her own "Queen Of The House," a feminist-themed answer song/parody based on Roger Miller's "King Of The Road," which became a Top Five hit on the Country charts. Around this time, Taylor was booked on a long-running package tour, performing with established stars such as Roy Clark and Hank Thompson. She also made appearances on several TV shows, eventually following Clark and landing a spot on Hee-Haw for a season or two... Even with all this exposure, Taylor never quite clicked as a solo star, recording only singles for Capitol and later plugging away at Dot for three years before getting to record her lone LP.

Discography - Albums

Mary Taylor "Mary Taylor's Very First Album" (Dot, 1971) (LP)
(Produced by Joe Allison)

This was Mary Taylor's first -- and only -- full album, recorded after years of plugging away under the radar. Despite the humiliatingly banal title, this record was long overdue, and it would be nice to hear it re-released sometime along with her earlier singles. This album seems to have been cobbled together from various studio sessions and what must have originally been demo recordings (the sound quality on the sessions run by Billy Mize is rather muffled, although the rest of the album is not...) On several songs, Taylor's quite perky and fun, though at times the production sounds a little indifferent... Among the highlights, is one track that made me laugh out loud: in the middle of a so-so rendition of "Flowers On The Wall," she stops cold and instructs the band, "give me an 'A'," then segues into "Hava Nagila," which is as hilarious and absurd as it sounds. And was there ever an album #2? Alas, apparently not.

Discography - Singles

Mary Taylor (Capitol Records, 1964) (# 5107) (7")
A: "He's Comin' Home" (c. Bare, Williams, Taylor)
B: "Little Bobby Bear" (c. )
(Produced by Ken Nelson)

Mary Taylor (Capitol Records, 1964) (# 5210) (7")
A: "Johnny's Not The Only Boy" (c.)
B: "Please Don't Tell Them About Me" (c. )
(Produced by Marvin Hughes)

Mary Taylor (Capitol Records, 196-?) (# 5372) (7")
A: "He Believes Me" (c. Mary Taylor)
B: "If You Think You Feel Lonesome" (c. Roger Miller)
(Produced by Ken Nelson)

Mary Taylor (Capitol Records, 196-?) (# 5484) (7")
A: "Finders Keepers" (c. )
B: "Before He Was Yours, He Was Mine" (c. )
(Produced by Ken Nelson-?)

Mary Taylor (Capitol Records, 196-?) (# 5582) (7")
A: "Today Is Not The Day" (c. Mary Taylor)
B: "I'm Gonna Slip Around On You" (c. Mary Taylor)
(Produced by Ken Nelson)

Mary Taylor & Roy Clark (Capitol Records, 1966) (# 5664) (7")
A: "Hey Sweet Thing" (c. Mary Taylor)
B: "If You Want It, Come Get It" (c. Mary Taylor)
(Produced by Marvin Hughes)

Mary Taylor (Capitol Records, 196-?) (# 5776) (7")
A: "Don't Waste Your Time" (c. Mary Taylor)
B: "We Fooled 'Em Again" (c. Mary Taylor)
(Produced by Ken Nelson)

Mary Taylor (Dot Records, 196-?) (# 45-17104) (7")
A: "If I Don't Like The Way You Love Me" (c. )
B: "It Takes So Many" (c.)

Mary Taylor (Dot Records, 1968) (# 45-17168) (7")
A: "Feed Me One More Lie" (c. Dallas Frazier)
B: "I'll Be Better Off" (c. Cochran, Kirby)
(Produced by Joe Allison)

Mary Taylor (Dot Records, 196-?) (# 45-17303) (7")
A: "Everything But" (c. )
B: "Back Porch Heart" (c.)

Mary Taylor (Dot Records, 1968-?) (# 45-17356) (7")
A: "I'm A Honky Tonk Girl" (c. )
B: "He Used Me" (c.)


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