Rusty Wier (1944-2009) was one of the quinessential Austin musicians, a songwriter who moved from rock into country in the early 1970s, and was one of the earliest and most durable members of the Texas indie scene. His song, "Don't It Make You Wanna Dance" was a minor hit, and later became a country-roots standard, recorded by artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Chris Ledoux and Jerry Jeff Walker. One of the Lone Star State's critically lauded and uncompromised troubadours, Wier didn't quite click in the major-label world, and coasted back into indie terrain, where he plugged away for years. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Rusty Wier "Under My Hat" (Icehouse, 2003)

Rusty Wier "Black Hat Saloon/Stacked Deck" (Westside, 2002)
A reissue of two early albums, from 1976 and '77...

Discography - Albums

Lavender Hill Express "Visions/Trying To Live A Life" (Sonobeat, 1967) (single)
This Austin-area rock band featured Rusty Wier on drums... Although they only cut three singles, the group was known for experimenting with a country sound, and helping narrow the gap between the pop and country camps. Weir started to branch out and write some songs, notably "Watch Out!" and "Silly Rhymes," though as far as I know, none of the band's music has been anthologized yet.

Lavender Hill Express "Watch Out!/Country Music's Here To Stay" (Sonobeat, 1968) (single)

Lavender Hill Express "Outside My Window/Silly Rhymes" (Sonobeat, 1968) (single)
The band's third single included a new bandmember, Gary P. Nunn,

Rusty Wier "Stoned, Slow, Rugged" (ABC, 1974) (LP)

Rusty Wier "Don't It Make You Wanna Dance?" (20th Century, 1975) (LP)

Rusty Wier "Rusty Wier" (20th Century, 1975) (LP)

Rusty Wier "Black Hat Saloon" (Columbia, 1976) (LP)

Rusty Wier "Stacked Deck" (Columbia, 1977) (LP)

Rusty Wier "Kum-Bak Bar And Grill" (Black Hat, 1987)

Rusty Wier "Live At Poor David's Pub" (Poor David's Recordings, 1994)

Rusty Wier "Are We There Yet?" (Crystal Clear Sound, 1997)

Rusty Weir "Rusty And Son" (Poor David's Recordings, 1999)

Rusty Wier "Live From Gruene Hall" (2001)

Rusty Wier "I Stood Up" (2003)

Rusty Wier "Live At The Texas Theater: Campfire Stories And Sing-A-Long Songs" (Hat Creek, 2005)


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