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The Bailes Brothers -- "Come To The Savior"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Down In The Valley Of The Shadow"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Down Where The River Bends"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Has The Devil Got A Mortgage On You?"
The Bailes Brothers -- "If You Have Retreated From God"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Marriage Vows Forgotten" The Bailes Brothers -- "Sinner Kneel Down And Pray"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Something Got Ahold Of Me"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Whiskey Is The Devil In Liquid Form"
The Bailes Brothers -- "Will The Angels Have A Sweetheart?"
The Bailes Brothers -- "You Can't Go Halfway (And Get In)"

Moe Bandy -- "Away In A Manger"
Moe Bandy -- "Chiseled In The Wall"
Moe Bandy -- "Everybody's Gonna Have Religion In Glory"
Moe Bandy -- "Farther Along"
Moe Bandy -- "Home On The Range"
Moe Bandy -- "I Am A Wayfaring Stranger"
Moe Bandy -- "I Saw The Light"
Moe Bandy -- "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
Moe Bandy -- "I'll Fly Away"
Moe Bandy -- "In The Garden"
Moe Bandy -- "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Moe Bandy -- "Old Rugged Cross"
Moe Bandy -- "Peace In The Valley"
Moe Bandy -- "The Uncloudy Day"
Moe Bandy -- "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder"

Bobby Bare -- "Bless America Again"
Bobby Bare -- "Dropkick Me, Jesus"

Jeff Bates -- "If You Could See Me Now"
Jeff Bates -- "Life's Railway To Heaven"
Jeff Bates -- "Living Stones"
Jeff Bates -- "Mama Was A Lot Like Jesus"
Jeff Bates -- "One Day Closer"
Jeff Bates -- "The Rapture"
Jeff Bates -- "Wayfaring Stranger"
Jeff Bates -- "The Wings Of Mama's Prayers"

The Bellamy Brothers -- "Beautiful Night"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Drug Problem"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Faith Come Back To Me"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "God Bless America This Christmas"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Grandma's God"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "I Ain't Going To Hell"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "I'll Fly Away"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Jesus Is Coming"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Let Your Love Flow" (1977 version)
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Let Your Love Flow" (2007 version)
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person (My Dog Thinks I Am)"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Old Hippie III (Saved)"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Spiritually Bankrupt"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Where The Light Comes From"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "Wings Of The Wind"
The Bellamy Brothers -- "You're The World"

Dierks Bentley -- "The Heaven I'm Headed To"
Dierks Bentley -- "A House Of Gold" (live)
Dierks Bentley -- "Prodigal Son's Prayer"

Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers -- "I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows"

Clint Black -- "Back Home In Heaven"
Clint Black -- "The Birth Of The King"
Clint Black -- "The Finest Gift"
Clint Black -- "The Kid"
Clint Black -- "Looking For Christmas"

The Black Lillies -- "By The Wayside"

Norman Blake -- "The Angel Gabriel" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Back in Yonder's World" (w/ Tony Rice)
Norman Blake -- "Christmas Eve Is Coming, Anna" (w/ Peter Ostroushko)
Norman Blake -- "Elijah's God" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Every Day Is Christmas In The West" (w/ Don Edwards)
Norman Blake -- "Fame Apart From God's Approval" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "God's Radio Phone" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Going Down The Valley" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar" (w/ Tony Rice)
Norman Blake -- "He's Passing This Way" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Heavenly Sunlight" (w/ Rich O'Brien)
Norman Blake -- "Home Of The Soul" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" (inst.)
Norman Blake -- "I Cannot Call Her Mother"
Norman Blake -- "I Know My Name Is There" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian"
Norman Blake -- "If We Never Meet Again (This Side Of Heaven)"
Norman Blake -- "Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Lincoln's Funeral Train (The Sad Journey To Springfield)" (w/ Tony Rice)
Norman Blake -- "Lord Won't You Help Me"
Norman Blake -- "Memories That Never Die"
Norman Blake -- "My Old Home On The Green Mountain Side"
Norman Blake -- "Oh, Death" (w/ Peter Ostroushko)
Norman Blake -- "On & On & On"
Norman Blake -- "The Sunny Side Of Life" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "Sweet Freedom"
Norman Blake -- "Sweet Heaven When I Die" (live)
Norman Blake -- "Waiting The Boatman" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "The Wayworn Traveler" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "We Are Climbing" (w/ Nancy Blake)
Norman Blake -- "When It's Lamplighting Time In The Valley" (w/ Rich O'Brien)
Norman Blake -- "The Winds Of Time Won't Change"
Norman Blake -- "Wish We Had Our Time Again"

Audie Blaylock -- "A Grandmother's Love"

The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Angels Rock Me To Sleep"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Bring Him Your Talents"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Carpenter Of Wood"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "The Carpenter Shop"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Crossing Of Jordan"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Don't Give Up On Me"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "The First Time I Heard About Heaven"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "From Cradle To Cross To Crown"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "He Is Near"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "I Hope That My Lord Will Let Me In"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Journey To My Savior's Side"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Just A Little Talk With Jesus"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "March Around The Throne"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "The Old Fashioned Preacher" (live)
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Sailing For Glory"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Shine Hallelujah Shine"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Sunday Mornin' Singin'"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Sweet Hour Of Prayer"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "That's The Way I Want To Go" (live)
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "There Is A Fountain"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "The Touch Of God's Hand"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Way Down Deep In My Soul"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Where No One Stands Alone"
The Bluegrass Cardinals -- "Where Rainbows Touch Down"

Blue Highway -- "Ahead Of The Storm"
Blue Highway -- "Chasing After The Wind"
Blue Highway -- "Father I Know Why"
Blue Highway -- "Find Me Out On A Mountain Top"
Blue Highway -- "God Moves In A Windstorm"
Blue Highway -- "The Ground Is Level At The Foot Of The Cross"
Blue Highway -- "I Am Near The Gate"
Blue Highway -- "I'm Asking You"
Blue Highway -- "It Won't Be Long"
Blue Highway -- "It's A Long, Long Road"
Blue Highway -- "Live On Down The Line"
Blue Highway -- "Lord, Won't You Help Me"
Blue Highway -- "Man Of Constant Sorrow"
Blue Highway -- "May Your Life Be Sweet And Simple"
Blue Highway -- "Mountain Of The Lord"
Blue Highway -- "Old Brush Arbors"
Blue Highway -- "The Old Rugged Cross"
Blue Highway -- "Seven Sundays In A Row"
Blue Highway -- "The Seventh Angel"
Blue Highway -- "Some Day"
Blue Highway -- "Still Climbing Mountains"
Blue Highway -- "That Could Be You"
Blue Highway -- "This World Is Not My Home"
Blue Highway -- "Traveling Preacher"
Blue Highway -- "Two Coats"
Blue Highway -- "Where Did the Morning Go?"
Blue Highway -- "Whither Thou Go"
Blue Highway -- "Wicked Path Of Sin"
Blue Highway -- "Wondrous Love"

Blueridge -- "All The Good Times"
Blueridge -- "The Bridge"
Blueridge -- "Do You Call That Religion"
Blueridge -- "Don't You Want To Go There"
Blueridge -- "Gospel Medley"
Blueridge -- "He Broke The Chains"
Blueridge -- "He Will Set Your Fields On Fire"
Blueridge -- "I'm Getting Ready To Leave This World"
Blueridge -- "I'm Goin' Up When He Starts Down"
Blueridge -- "Land Of Light"
Blueridge -- "Lead Me Not"
Blueridge -- "Light In The Forest"
Blueridge -- "My Lord's Going To Set Me Free"
Blueridge -- "New Road" ?
Blueridge -- "Prayer Bells Of Heaven"
Blueridge -- "Rock Foundation"
Blueridge -- "Sailing With The Master"
Blueridge -- "Ten Plagues"
Blueridge -- "This Journey I'm On"
Blueridge -- "Won't They Be Surprised"

Blue Sky Boys -- "The A-B-C Song"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Angel Mother"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Beautiful" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "A Beautiful Life"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Blood Of Jesus"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Bury Me Beneath The Willow"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Chapel In The Hills"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Come To The Saviour"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Cross On The Hill"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Death Is Only A Dream"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Devil's Dream"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Didn't They Crucify My Lord"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Drifting Too Far From The Shore"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Dust On The Bible"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Dying Boy's Prayer"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Farther Along"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Garden In The Sky"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Gathering Buds"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Give Me My Roses Now"
Blue Sky Boys -- "God Sent My Little Girl"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Heaven Holds All For Me"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Holiness Mother"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The House Where We Were Wed"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Hymns My Mother Sang"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I Believe It For My Mother Told Me So"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I Have Found A Friend"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I Have Found The Way"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I Love Her More Now Mother's Old"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I Need The Prayers"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I'll Be Listening"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I'll Be No Stranger There"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I'll Take My Saviour By The Hand"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I'm Going To Write To Heaven (For I Know My Daddy's There)"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I'm S-A-V-E-D"
Blue Sky Boys -- "I'm S-A-V-E-D" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "I've Found A Friend"
Blue Sky Boys -- "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "Just A Strand From A Yellow Curl"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Just One Way To The Gate"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Kentucky"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Kentucky" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "Kneel At The Cross"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Last Letter" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Last Mile Of The Way"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Let's Not Sleep Again"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Life Line"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Life's Railway To Heaven"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Lord Be With Us, Amen"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Mother Went Her Holiness Way"
Blue Sky Boys -- "My Main Trial"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The New Golden Rule"
Blue Sky Boys -- "No Disappointment In Heaven"
Blue Sky Boys -- "No Home"
Blue Sky Boys -- "No One To Welcome Me Home"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Oh Sister Mary Don't You Weep"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Oh Those Tombs"
Blue Sky Boys -- "An Old Account Was Settled"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Old Fashioned Meeting"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Old-Time Camp Meeting"
Blue Sky Boys -- "On The Sunny Side Of Life"
Blue Sky Boys -- "One Cold Winter's Eve"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Only Let Me Walk With Thee"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Only One Step More"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Only One Step More" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "A Picture On The Wall"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Pictures From Life's Other Side"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Precious Memories"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Romans 6:23"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Row Us Over The Tide"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Royal Telephone"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Searching For A Soldier's Grave"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Shake Hands With You Mother Today"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Shall I Miss It"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Silver Threads Among The Gold"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Since The Angels Took My Mother Far Away"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Sing A Song For The Blind"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Someone's Last Day"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Song Of The Blind"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Sunny Side Of Life"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "Take Up Thy Cross"
Blue Sky Boys -- "That Beautiful Home"
Blue Sky Boys -- "There'll Come A Time"
Blue Sky Boys -- "They're All Home But One"
Blue Sky Boys -- "This Evening Light"
Blue Sky Boys -- "This Is Like Heaven To Me"
Blue Sky Boys -- "This Train"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Tramp On The Street"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Turn Your Radio On"
Blue Sky Boys -- "The Unfinished Rug"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Unloved And Unclaimed"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Watching You"
Blue Sky Boys -- "We Buried Her"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Were You There?"
Blue Sky Boys -- "What Does The Deep Say?"
Blue Sky Boys -- "What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?"
Blue Sky Boys -- "When Heaven Comes Down"
Blue Sky Boys -- "When I Reach That City On The Hill"
Blue Sky Boys -- "When I Take My Vacation in Heaven"
Blue Sky Boys -- "When The Ransomed Get Home"
Blue Sky Boys -- "When The Stars Begin To Fall"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Where The Soul Never Dies"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Where We'll Never Grow Old"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Whispering Hope"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Whispering Hope" (live, 1964)
Blue Sky Boys -- "Will My Mother Know Me There?"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Will You Meet Me Over Yonder?"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Within The Circle"
Blue Sky Boys -- "Won't It Be Wonderful There"
Blue Sky Boys -- "You Can Be A Millionaire With Me"

Ginger Boatwright -- "Shine Your Light"

Boone Creek -- "Daniel Prayed"
Boone Creek -- "Little Community Church"
Boone Creek -- "No Mother Or Dad"
Boone Creek -- "Walking In Jerusalem"

The Bo-Stevens -- "Redeemed"

John Bowman -- "Angel Band"
John Bowman -- "Are You Lost In Sin?"
John Bowman -- "The Blood Will Secure"
John Bowman -- "The Crossroad"
John Bowman -- "Crying Holy"
John Bowman -- "He Touched Me"
John Bowman -- "Higher Each Time"
John Bowman -- "I Love Gods Way Of Living"
John Bowman -- "It's All In His Hands"
John Bowman -- "Look For Me"
John Bowman -- "Lord I Want To Go To Heaven"
John Bowman -- "Near My God To Thee"
John Bowman -- "Pathway Of Danger"
John Bowman -- "Prayer Bells Of Heaven"
John Bowman -- "Remember Me"
John Bowman -- "The Rose Of Sharon"
John Bowman -- "Take Me In Your Lifeboat"
John Bowman -- "These Are They"
John Bowman -- "When Was The Last Time"

Dale Ann Bradley -- "Abraham"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Bad News For The Devil" (w/ Jesse Brock, et. al )
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Beyond The Mist Of Blue" (w/ Common Strings)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Brand New Home"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Casting Stones"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Clinging To A Saving Hand"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Crosses And Stones"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Daddy Did His Best"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Don't Turn Your Back"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Everything You Do (Touches Someone Else)"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "The First Step To Heaven" (w/ Dave Leatherman)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Glorious Power" (w/ Steve Gulley, et al)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Golden Streets Of Home" (w/ Steve Gulley, et al)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Grandma's Gift"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Hammer And Nails"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Hardhat For A Halo" (w/ Steve Gulley, et al)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "He Understands"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "He's The Last Thing On My Mind"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Heaven"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "How Far Will I Fall"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "I Pressed On Through The Crowd"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "It Was His Love"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "It's Gonna Run Dry"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Leaving Kentucky"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Live Forever"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Long Lonesome Road"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Look To The Light"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Mary Rocked The Rock"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "The Master's Hand"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "The Master's Plan"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "The Message Of His Coming" (w/ Common Strings)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Momma's Prayer Beads"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "New Shoes"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Nothing Can Hold Me Here"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Palms Of Victory"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Pass Me Not"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Preachin' By The Roadside" (w/ Common Strings)
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Pressed Through The Crowd"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "The Prettiest Flowers"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Rusty Old Halo"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Sailing On"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Send The Angels Down"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Stop, Look, And Listen"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Thirst And Hunger"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Walking In The Spirit"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "When The Mist Comes Again"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "When The Redeemed Are Gathering In"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Will You Visit Me On Sundays?"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Who Will Pray For Me?"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Will I Be Good Enough?"
Dale Ann Bradley -- "Will You Think Of Me?"

Brand New Strings -- "Behold The Lamb"

Gary Brewer -- "I Like To Hear 'Em Preach It!"

Dewey Brown -- "Heaven's Light Is Shining On Me" (w/ Ralph Stanley)
Dewey Brown -- "Wings Of Angels" (w/ Ralph Stanley)

Marty Brown -- "God Knows"

The Brown's Ferry Four -- "The Arm Of God"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Bound For The Shore"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Can't You Hear Him Calling?"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Eternity Without Him"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Heaven Eternal For Me"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "I'll Fly Away"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "I'll Meet You In The Morning"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Old Camp Meeting Time"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Over In The Glory Land"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Praise God! He Loves Everybody"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "What Shall I Do With Jesus"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
The Brown's Ferry Four -- "You Must Be Born Again"

Jimmy Buffett -- "God Don't Own A Car"
Jimmy Buffett -- "God's Own Drunk"
Jimmy Buffett -- "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don't Love Jesus"

Carl Butler -- "Angel Band"
Carl Butler -- "Glory Mountain"
Carl Butler -- "Hallelujah, We Shall Rise!"
Carl Butler -- "Looking Through The Windows Of Heaven"
Carl Butler -- "Walking In God's Sunshine"
Carl Butler -- "Somebody Touched Me"
Carl Butler -- "That Great Eternal Spring"
Carl Butler -- "Where We Never Grow Old"

Carl Butler & Pearl -- "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
Carl Butler & Pearl -- "Let's Watch The Bluebirds"

Tracy Byrd -- "How Much Does The World Weigh?"
Tracy Byrd -- "Jingle Bells"
Tracy Byrd -- "The Keeper Of The Stars"
Tracy Byrd -- "No Room"

David Adam Byrnes -- "Any Other Way"
David Adam Byrnes -- "More Afraid Of Livin' "
David Adam Byrnes -- "Long Gone"

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