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Paulette Carlson -- "He's Funny That Way"

Cecil Campbell -- "I'm On The Right Road Now"

Jeff Carson -- "The Stone"

The Carter Brothers -- "Jerusalem Moan" (2004 version)
The Carter Brothers -- "Jerusalem Moan" (2011 version)
The Carter Brothers -- "Sin"
The Carter Brothers -- "Soul Of A Man"

Carter's Chord -- "Love A Little Bigger"
Carter's Chord -- "O Come O Come Emmanuel"
Carter's Chord -- "Santa Baby"
Carter's Chord -- "Snowed In"
Carter's Chord -- "Up On The House Top"

Claude Casey -- "Keep Praying"
Claude Casey -- "Journey's End"
Claude Casey -- "Family Reunion In Heaven"

Kasey Chambers -- "Devil On Your Back"
Kasey Chambers -- "The Devil's Inside My Head" (w/ Shane Nicholson)
Kasey Chambers -- "Monkey On A Wire" (w/ Shane Nicholson)
Kasey Chambers -- "No One Hurts Up Here" (w/ Shane Nicholson)
Kasey Chambers -- "Rattlin' Bones" (w/ Shane Nicholson)
Kasey Chambers -- "Sleeping Cold" (w/ Shane Nicholson)
Kasey Chambers -- "Someone Like Me"
Kasey Chambers -- "Somewhere"
Kasey Chambers -- "Woe Is Mine" (w/ Shane Nicholson)
Kasey Chambers -- "Your Day Will Come" (w/ Shane Nicholson)

Kenny Chesney -- "From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell" (w/ George Jones & Tracy Lawrence)

The Churchmen -- "Are You Lost In Sin?"
The Churchmen -- "Back To The Cross"
The Churchmen -- "Bedside Prayer"
The Churchmen -- "Bouquet In Heaven"
The Churchmen -- "By The Spirit I'm Lifted"
The Churchmen -- "Calvary Says It All"
The Churchmen -- "Double Portion"
The Churchmen -- "The Final Harvest"
The Churchmen -- "Get Onboard"
The Churchmen -- "Glorious City"
The Churchmen -- "Going Up"
The Churchmen -- "Happy Home On High"
The Churchmen -- "He Paid It All"
The Churchmen -- "He Will Forgive You"
The Churchmen -- "I'll Be Long Gone"
The Churchmen -- "I'll See Heaven Some Sweet Day"
The Churchmen -- "I'm Not Alone"
The Churchmen -- "I've Come A Long Way"
The Churchmen -- "In His Arms (I'm Not Afraid)"
The Churchmen -- "In My Darkest Hour"
The Churchmen -- "Jesus, My Mother, And Me"
The Churchmen -- "Keep Me Free from Every Sin"
The Churchmen -- "Lord It's A Hard Road Home"
The Churchmen -- "Only Yours"
The Churchmen -- "A Place Prepared for Me"
The Churchmen -- "Rocked On The Deep"
The Churchmen -- "Sailing Home"
The Churchmen -- "Smooth Road"
The Churchmen -- "Springtime In Heaven"
The Churchmen -- "Take Me In The Lifeboat"
The Churchmen -- "Thank You For Sending Your Son"
The Churchmen -- "That Home Far Away"
The Churchmen -- "That's The Way I Want To Go"
The Churchmen -- "We'll Still Sing On"
The Churchmen -- "When He Calls Your Name"
The Churchmen -- "You Better Get In Line"

Lee Clayton -- Oh, How Lucky I Am"

Patsy Cline -- "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Patsy Cline -- "Life's Railway To Heaven"
Patsy Cline -- "That Wonderful Someone"
Patsy Cline -- "Yes I Understand"

John Cowan -- "Ave Maria"
John Cowan -- "Baby King"
John Cowan -- "Christmas Everyday"
John Cowan -- "The Christmas Song"
John Cowan -- "Fate Full Of Shadow" (CD only)
John Cowan -- "Feel Like Going Home"
John Cowan -- "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
John Cowan -- "Good News"
John Cowan -- "Go Tell It On The Mountain"
John Cowan -- "Happiness"
John Cowan -- "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
John Cowan -- "I'll Fly Away" (w/ The Waybacks)
John Cowan -- "Jesus Gave Me Water"
John Cowan -- "Jesus Gave Me Water" (Live: 04/26/07)
John Cowan -- "Little March Girl"
John Cowan -- "O Holy Night"
John Cowan -- "Silent Night"
John Cowan -- "What Child Is This"

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