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Alan Jackson -- "Are You Washed In The Blood?"
Alan Jackson -- "Between The Devil And Me"
Alan Jackson -- "Blessed Assurance"
Alan Jackson -- "Blessed Assurance" (live)
Alan Jackson -- "Blue Side Of Heaven"
Alan Jackson -- "Honky Tonk Christmas"
Alan Jackson -- "How Great Thou Art"
Alan Jackson -- "If Jesus Walked The World Today"
Alan Jackson -- "I'll Fly Away"
Alan Jackson -- "In The Garden"
Alan Jackson -- "I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You"
Alan Jackson -- "Knew All Along"
Alan Jackson -- "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
Alan Jackson -- "The Old Rugged Cross"
Alan Jackson -- "Softly And Tenderly"
Alan Jackson -- "Standing On The Promises"
Alan Jackson -- "There Is A Time"
Alan Jackson -- "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus"
Alan Jackson -- "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"
Alan Jackson -- "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"
Alan Jackson -- "When We All Get To Heaven"

Carl Jackson -- "His Record Is On High" (w/ Larry Cordle & Jerry Salley)
Carl Jackson -- "Home Sweet Home" (inst.)
Carl Jackson -- "Keep On The Sunny Side"
Carl Jackson -- "Life's Railway To Heaven" (w/ Brad Paisley)

Stonewall Jackson -- "I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal"
Stonewall Jackson -- "Jesus Took The Outlaw Out Of Me"
Stonewall Jackson -- "Let The Sun Shine On The People"
Stonewall Jackson -- "Torn From The Pages Of Life"

Wanda Jackson -- "Ain't it Gospel"
Wanda Jackson -- "Am I Not My Brother's Keeper"
Wanda Jackson -- "Battle Hymn Of The Republic"
Wanda Jackson -- "Blue Christmas" (w/ The Continentals)
Wanda Jackson -- "Didn't He Shine"
Wanda Jackson -- "Dust On The Bible"
Wanda Jackson -- "Everything Is Beautiful"
Wanda Jackson -- "Glory Train"
Wanda Jackson -- "Go Tell It On the Mountain" (w/ The Continentals)
Wanda Jackson -- "He Gives Us All His Love"
Wanda Jackson -- "He Is My Everything"
Wanda Jackson -- "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"
Wanda Jackson -- "He's The Man"
Wanda Jackson -- "Help, Help Me Jesus"
Wanda Jackson -- "How Great Thou Art"
Wanda Jackson -- "I May Never Get To Heaven"
Wanda Jackson -- "I Saw The Light" (live)
Wanda Jackson -- "I Saw The Light" (live, 1989)
Wanda Jackson -- "If I Had A Hammer"
Wanda Jackson -- "If Jesus Changed Your Heart (He'll Change Your Song)"
Wanda Jackson -- "It's Your Decision"
Wanda Jackson -- "Jesus Gave It To Me"
Wanda Jackson -- "Jesus Is The Answer"
Wanda Jackson -- "Jesus Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me"
Wanda Jackson -- "Jesus Loves Cowgirls"
Wanda Jackson -- "The King Is Coming"
Wanda Jackson -- "Less Of Me"
Wanda Jackson -- "Life's Journey"
Wanda Jackson -- "Merry Christmas Baby" (w/ The Continentals)
Wanda Jackson -- "My Testimony"
Wanda Jackson -- "Oh Happy Day"
Wanda Jackson -- "One Hundred Children"
Wanda Jackson -- "People Gotta Be Loving"
Wanda Jackson -- "Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine"
Wanda Jackson -- "Silent Night" (w/ The Continentals)
Wanda Jackson -- "Thank You Lord For Loving Me"
Wanda Jackson -- "You're The Reason I'm Living"

Clay Jacobs -- "All I Have to Offer" (w/ Ken Holloway)
Clay Jacobs -- "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)"
Clay Jacobs -- "Back To My Raising"
Clay Jacobs -- "Beautiful Savior"
Clay Jacobs -- "Billy Saw The Light"
Clay Jacobs -- "Blessed Be Your Name"
Clay Jacobs -- "The Blood Of Jesus Christ"
Clay Jacobs -- "A Face In The Crowd"
Clay Jacobs -- "Get Up"
Clay Jacobs -- "Hand On The Plow"
Clay Jacobs -- "Hang My Hat On The Promises"
Clay Jacobs -- "The Happy Song"
Clay Jacobs -- "How Great Is Our God"
Clay Jacobs -- "I Pick Jesus"
Clay Jacobs -- "It Would Have To Be You"
Clay Jacobs -- "Keep Your Eyes On The Son"
Clay Jacobs -- "The Long And Winding Road"
Clay Jacobs -- "Made To Worship"
Clay Jacobs -- "Mercy Once Again"
Clay Jacobs -- "My Redeemer Lives"
Clay Jacobs -- "No Way In This World"
Clay Jacobs -- "One Word Song"
Clay Jacobs -- "Special Delivery"
Clay Jacobs -- "Stand Beneath The Cross"
Clay Jacobs -- "Take Me Higher"
Clay Jacobs -- "That Old Church"
Clay Jacobs -- "That's Not Who I Am"
Clay Jacobs -- "That's What I Love About Jesus"
Clay Jacobs -- "Tough As Nails"
Clay Jacobs -- "Try Something New"
Clay Jacobs -- "Virgil And The Holy Ghost"
Clay Jacobs -- "Waiting On Jesus Blues"
Clay Jacobs -- "What Will I Do With Jesus"
Clay Jacobs -- "What You Need"
Clay Jacobs -- "When It All Comes Down"
Clay Jacobs -- "Who Am I"
Clay Jacobs -- "You Are There"
Clay Jacobs -- "You're Where I Belong"

Sonny James -- "Christmas In My Home Town"
Sonny James -- "Heaven Says Hello"
Sonny James -- "A Pocketful Of Mistletoe"

Sarah Jarosz -- "Come On Up To The House"
Sarah Jarosz -- "Peace"
Sarah Jarosz -- "Ring Them Bells"

Tommy Jarrell -- "God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign"

Norma Jean -- "Coat Of Many Colors"
Norma Jean -- "The Lord Must Have Loved The Poor Folks"
Norma Jean -- "There Won't Be Any Patches In Heaven"

Snuffy Jenkins -- "The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile"

Waylon Jennings -- "Away In A Manger"
Waylon Jennings -- "Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw"
Waylon Jennings -- "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" (w/ Jessi Colter)
Waylon Jennings -- "Heaven Or Hell"
Waylon Jennings -- "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" (w/ Jessi Colter)
Waylon Jennings -- "If I Could Only Fly"
Waylon Jennings -- "Mansion On The Hill"
Waylon Jennings -- "Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise" (live)
Waylon Jennings -- "O Come, All Ye Faithful"
Waylon Jennings -- "Precious Memories"
Waylon Jennings -- "Storms Never Last" (w/ Jessi Colter)
Waylon Jennings -- "Take Up The Cross"
Waylon Jennings -- "This Land Is Your Land" (w/ Jessi Colter)

Jerusalem Ridge -- "A Beautiful Life"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Beyond The Ridge"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Climbin' Up The Mountain"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "ConsiderThe Lillies"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Cryin' Holy"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Goodnight, The Lord's Comin' "
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Green Pastures"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Hallelujah, I'm Ready"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "A House Of Gold"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "March Around The Throne"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Paul And Silas"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Rank Strangers"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Satan's Jewel Crown"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Standing In The Need Of Prayer"
Jerusalem Ridge -- "Take Your Shoes Off, Moses"

Buddy Jewell -- "At Calvary"
Buddy Jewell -- "At The Cross"
Buddy Jewell -- "Hands Of God" (w/ When Angels Call)
Buddy Jewell -- "Hell Bent And Heaven Bound"
Buddy Jewell -- "I Surrender All"
Buddy Jewell -- "Jesus, Elvis and Me"
Buddy Jewell -- "Somebody Who Would Die For You"
Buddy Jewell -- "Someday"
Buddy Jewell -- "The Southern Side Of Heaven"
Buddy Jewell -- "There Is Power In The Blood"
Buddy Jewell -- "When I'm Good And Gone"
Buddy Jewell -- "When Mama Prayed"
Buddy Jewell -- "You'll Find Your Way"

Jim & Jennie And The Pinetops -- "Heavenly Light"
Jim & Jennie And The Pinetops -- "No Telephone In Heaven"
Jim & Jennie And The Pinetops -- "Sing From The Back Of The Church"

Jim & Jesse -- "Are You Lost In Sin"
Jim & Jesse -- "Camping In Canaan's Land"
Jim & Jesse -- "Dear Old Mother"
Jim & Jesse -- "Dreaming Of A Little Cabin"
Jim & Jesse -- "The Family Who Prays (Never Shall Part)"
Jim & Jesse -- "God Bless America Again"
Jim & Jesse -- "Grave In The Valley"
Jim & Jesse -- "Great Speckled Bird"
Jim & Jesse -- "He Walks On The Water"
Jim & Jesse -- "I'll Be An Angel Too"
Jim & Jesse -- "I'll Wear The Banner"
Jim & Jesse -- "If We Forget God"
Jim & Jesse -- "It's a Little More Like Heaven"
Jim & Jesse -- "Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life"
Jim & Jesse -- "Kneel At The Cross"
Jim & Jesse -- "Let The Spirit Descend"
Jim & Jesse -- "The Little White Church"
Jim & Jesse -- "Look For Me (I'll Be There)"
Jim & Jesse -- "Matthew 24"
Jim & Jesse -- "My Darling's In Heaven"
Jim & Jesse -- "My Garden Of Love"
Jim & Jesse -- "My Time Is Running Out"
Jim & Jesse -- "Purple Heart"
Jim & Jesse -- "Remember Me (When The Candlelights Are Gleaming)"
Jim & Jesse -- "The River Of Jordan"
Jim & Jesse -- "Standing At The End Of My World"
Jim & Jesse -- "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
Jim & Jesse -- "Thank God For The USA"
Jim & Jesse -- "They Can't Love Jesus More Than Me"
Jim & Jesse -- "Tis Sweet To Be Remembered"
Jim & Jesse -- "The White Dove"
Jim & Jesse -- "Wicked Path Of Sin"

Joey + Rory -- "Amazing Grace"
Joey + Rory -- "Another Wonderful Christmas"
Joey + Rory -- "Are You Washed In The Blood" (w/ The Isaacs)
Joey + Rory -- "Away In A Manger"
Joey + Rory -- "A Bible And The Belt"
Joey + Rory -- "Blue Christmas"
Joey + Rory -- "Born To Be Your Woman"
Joey + Rory -- "Come Sit On Santa Claus' Lap"
Joey + Rory -- "Cryin' Smile"
Joey + Rory -- "The Diamond O"
Joey + Rory -- "The Gift"
Joey + Rory -- "Gotta Go Back" (w/ Josh Turner)
Joey + Rory -- "Hammerin' Nails"
Joey + Rory -- "If We Make It Through December" (w/ Merle Haggard)
Joey + Rory -- "I Know What Santa's Getting For Christmas"
Joey + Rory -- "In The Garden"
Joey + Rory -- "I See Him"
Joey + Rory -- "It'll Get You Where You're Goin' "
Joey + Rory -- "It's Christmas Time"
Joey + Rory -- "Leave It There"
Joey + Rory -- "Let It Snow (Somewhere Else)"
Joey + Rory -- "Long Line Of Love"
Joey + Rory -- "Loved The Hell"
Joey + Rory -- "My Life Is Based On A True Story"
Joey + Rory -- "The Preacher And The Stranger" (Live)
Joey + Rory -- "Remember Me"
Joey + Rory -- "That's Important To Me"
Joey + Rory -- "Turning To The Light" (w/ Bill Gaither)
Joey + Rory -- "What The Hell (It's The Holidays)"
Joey + Rory -- "Where Jesus Is"

Johnnie & Jack -- "Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies"

Carolyn Dawn Johnson -- "God Doesn't Make Mistakes"
Carolyn Dawn Johnson -- "I Wouldn't Want Christmas Any Other Way"

Jamey Johnson -- "Have Thine Own Way, Lord" (w/ The Blind Boys Of Alabama)
Jamey Johnson -- "Heaven Bound"

The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Are You Afraid to Die?"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Call His Name"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Daniel Prayed"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "The Day Has Passed"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Do You Call That Religion?"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Don't Throw Your Life Away"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "The Friendly Beasts"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Get Down On Your Knees And Pray" (live)
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "God's Not Dead"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Harbor Of Love"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "He Said If I Be Lifted Up"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- " I'm Dying A Sinner's Death"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "I've Found A Hiding Place"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Mother's Voice Is In The Wind"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "My Better Years"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "See God's Ark A-Movin' "
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Shouting In The Air"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Springtime In Glory"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Standing In The Need Of Prayer"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "We'll Still Sing On"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Weathered Gray Stone"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "With Body and Soul"
The Johnson Mountain Boys -- "Working On A Building"

Shara Johnson -- "Not Enough Amazing Grace" (w/ Ken Holloway)

Whitey Johnson -- "Devil Goin' Fishin' "
Whitey Johnson -- "Leap Of Faith"

Chris Jones -- "A Few More Years"
Chris Jones -- "One Who's Coming After Me"
Chris Jones -- "Where I Am"

David Lynn Jones -- "I Am A Sinner"

George Jones -- "Amazing Grace"
George Jones -- "The Family Bible"
George Jones -- "From Hillbilly Heaven To Honky Tonk Hell" (w/ Kenny Chesney & Tracy Lawrence)
George Jones -- "God's Gonna Get'cha (For That)"
George Jones -- "The Good Old Bible"
George Jones -- "Good Ones And Bad Ones"
George Jones -- "Have A Little Talk With Jesus" (w/ Brenda Lee)
George Jones -- "He Is My Everything"
George Jones -- "Hell Stays Open (All Night Long)"
George Jones -- "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"
George Jones -- "I Know A Man Who Can"
George Jones -- "I'll Fly Away"
George Jones -- "I'll Follow You (Up To Our Cloud)"
George Jones -- "If God Met You" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again"
George Jones -- "If You Believe"
George Jones -- "In The Garden"
George Jones -- "It Is No Secret"
George Jones -- "Jesus, Hold My Hand"
George Jones -- "Joy To The World"
George Jones -- "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
George Jones -- "Just A Little Talk With Jesus"
George Jones -- "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
George Jones -- "Let's All Go Down To The River"
George Jones -- "Let's All Sing Ourselves To Glory"
George Jones -- "Lily Of The Valley"
George Jones -- "Lonesome Valley"
George Jones -- "Mansion Over The Hilltop"
George Jones -- "Me And Jesus" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus"
George Jones -- "Noah And The Ark" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "Old Brush Arbors"
George Jones -- "Old Fashioned Singing" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "The Old Rugged Cross"
George Jones -- "Peace In The Valley"
George Jones -- "Precious Memories"
George Jones -- "The Selfishness In Man"
George Jones -- "Silent Night"
George Jones -- "Sinners And Saints"
George Jones -- "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"
George Jones -- "Take The World But Give Me Jesus"
George Jones -- "Talkin' About Jesus" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "That Old Rugged Cross"
George Jones -- "Traveler's Prayer"
George Jones -- "The Unclouded Day"
George Jones -- "We Love To Sing About Jesus" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "What A Friend We Have In Jesus"
George Jones -- "When Jesus Takes His Children Home" (w/ Tammy Wynette)
George Jones -- "When Mama Sang (The Angels Stopped To Listen)"
George Jones -- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
George Jones -- "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" (alternate version) (w/ Pops & Mavis Staples)
George Jones -- "Will There Be Stars In My Crown"
George Jones -- "You Can't Do Wrong And Get By" (w/ Ricky Skaggs)

Grandpa Jones "144,000 Were There"
Grandpa Jones "Banjo Sam"
Grandpa Jones "Come And Dine"
Grandpa Jones "Count Your Blessings"
Grandpa Jones "Falling Leaves"
Grandpa Jones "Get Back On The Glory Road"
Grandpa Jones "Grandfather's Clock"
Grandpa Jones "I Am A Pilgrim"
Grandpa Jones "I'll Meet You In The Morning"
Grandpa Jones "It Takes A Lot Of Living"
Grandpa Jones "Jonah And The Whale"
Grandpa Jones "Light In His Soul"
Grandpa Jones "Neighbors"
Grandpa Jones "Old Camp Meeting Time"
Grandpa Jones "Open Up Them Pearly Gates For Me"
Grandpa Jones "Our Fathers Had Religion"
Grandpa Jones "Pictures From Life's Other Side"
Grandpa Jones "That Depot In The Sky"

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road "I Saw The Golden Stairs"

The Judds "Away In A Manger"
The Judds "Back Home"
The Judds "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem"
The Judds "Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan?"
The Judds "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)"
The Judds "Guardian Angels"
The Judds "I Know Where I'm Going"
The Judds "Love Can Build A Bridge"
The Judds "O Holy Night"
The Judds "River Of Time"
The Judds "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"
The Judds "Silent Night"
The Judds "Silver Bells"
The Judds "The Sweetest Gift"
The Judds "That's What Makes You Strong"
The Judds "When I Reach The Place I'm Going"
The Judds "When King Jesus Calls His Children Home"
The Judds "Who Is This Babe?"
The Judds "Winter Wonderland"

Wynonna Judd "The Christmas Song"
Wynonna Judd "I Saw The Light"
Wynonna Judd "Let's Make A Baby King"
Wynonna Judd "Live With Jesus"
Wynonna Judd "My Angel Is Here"
Wynonna Judd "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel"
Wynonna Judd "O Holy Night "
Wynonna Judd "Only Love"
Wynonna Judd "People Get Ready"

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