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Uncle Dave Macon -- "Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb?"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "The Bible's True"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Deliverance Will Come"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Don't Get Weary Children"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "From Earth To Heaven"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Mysteries Of The World"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Old Ship Of Zion"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Shall We Gather At The River?"
Uncle Dave Macon -- "Walking In Sunlight"

Leroy Mack -- " I've Got A Lot To Thank My Daddy For"

Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Dear Lord, Take My Hand"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Garden In The Sky"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet" (live)
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "I Couldn't Believe It Was True"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "I Couldn't Believe It Was True"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "I'll Reap My Harvest In Heaven"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Is He Satisfied?" (live)
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Just Over The Stars" (live)
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Silent Night, Holy Night" (live)
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "A Sinner's Prayer Is Never Answered"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Take My Hand Precious Lord"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "When God Dips His Love In My Heart"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "When I Lay My Burden Down"
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "When The Angels Carry Me Home" (live)
Maddox Brothers & Rose -- "Why Not Confess"

Rose Maddox -- "Amazing Grace"
Rose Maddox -- "Beautiful Bouquet"
Rose Maddox -- "Blood Stained Hands"
Rose Maddox -- "Church In The Wildwood"
Rose Maddox -- "Farther Along"
Rose Maddox -- "I Can't Feel At Home Anymore"
Rose Maddox -- "If We Never Meet Again"
Rose Maddox -- "I'll Fly Away"
Rose Maddox -- "In The Sweet By And By"
Rose Maddox -- "Kneel At The Cross"
Rose Maddox -- "Rusty Old Halo"
Rose Maddox -- "Sweet Low Sweet Chariot"
Rose Maddox -- "Take Me In The Lifeboat"
Rose Maddox -- "Turn Your Radio On"
Rose Maddox -- "We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder"
Rose Maddox -- "When God Dips His Love In My Heart"
Rose Maddox "-- Where No One Stands Alone"

Benny Martin -- "My Mother Called My Name In Prayer"

Jimmy Martin -- "I Like To Hear 'Em Preach It!"

Matthews, Wright & King -- "Mother's Eyes"

Lila McCann -- "Peace On Earth"

Neal McCoy -- "Heaven"
Neal McCoy -- "Something Moving In Me"

Reba McEntire -- "(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven"

Mel McDaniel -- "The Gathering"
Mel McDaniel -- "God Made Love"
Mel McDaniel -- "Mountain Eyes"

Leroy Mack -- " I've Got A Lot To Thank My Daddy For"

Tim McGraw -- "Better Than I Used To Be"
Tim McGraw -- "Touchdown Jesus"

Ken Mellons -- "Believe"
Ken Mellons -- "Doctor Jesus"

Penny Menze -- "Pray With Me" (w/ Marty Raybon)

Ronnie Milsap -- "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" (live)

Clyde Moody -- "If I Had My Life To Live Over"

Justin Moore -- "If Heaven Weren't So Far Away"

Alison Moorer -- "Storms Never Last"

Joe Mullins -- "Because He Lives"
Joe Mullins -- "The Dearest Friend I Ever Had"
Joe Mullins -- "Don't You Want To Go Home?"
Joe Mullins -- "Granddad (The Preacher)"
Joe Mullins -- "Heaven's Green Fields"
Joe Mullins -- "Hymns From The Hills"
Joe Mullins -- "The Last Parade"
Joe Mullins -- "Moses Set My People Free"
Joe Mullins -- "No Longer An Orphan"
Joe Mullins -- "Some Kind Of War"

Jimmy Murphy -- "Electricity"
Jimmy Murphy -- "He's Always The Same"
Jimmy Murphy -- "Holy Ghost Millionaire"
Jimmy Murphy -- "John The Baptist"
Jimmy Murphy -- "The Morning Light Is Breaking"
Jimmy Murphy -- "Mother Where Is Your Daughter"
Jimmy Murphy -- "Wake Me Up Sweet Jesus"
Jimmy Murphy -- "We Live A Long Time To Get Old"

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