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Brad Paisley -- "A Man Don't Have To Die"
Brad Paisley -- "Farther Along"
Brad Paisley -- "In The Garden"
Brad Paisley -- "Keep On The Sunny Side"
Brad Paisley -- "Life's Railway To Heaven" (w/ Sheryl Crow, Carl Jackson & Marty Stuart)
Brad Paisley -- "Long Sermon"
Brad Paisley -- "The Old Rugged Cross"
Brad Paisley -- "The Old Rugged Cross" (live)
Brad Paisley -- "The Uncloudy Day"
Brad Paisley -- "When I Get Where IÕm Going" (w/ Dolly Parton)
Brad Paisley -- "When We All Get To Heaven"

David Parmley -- "Get Right Or Get Left"
David Parmley & Continental Divide -- "God Reached Down"
David Parmley -- "He'll Lead You Home"
David Parmley -- "A Heart That Will Never Break Again"
David Parmley -- "I Will Walk In The Valley"
David Parmley -- "I'll Be A Friend To Jesus"
David Parmley -- "I'll Be No Stranger There"
David Parmley -- "Just A Step Away"
David Parmley -- "Lily Still Blooms In The Dale"
David Parmley -- "Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory"
David Parmley -- "Meadow On The Mountain"
David Parmley -- "Random Acts Of Love"
David Parmley -- "Trust Jesus"
David Parmley -- "What We Leave Behind"
David Parmley -- "What Will You Do With This Man?"
David Parmley -- "What You Can See From Your Knees"
David Parmley -- "When Love Is All You Want (It's All You Need)"
David Parmley -- "When The Angels Carry Me Home"

Dolly Parton -- "Book Of Life"
Dolly Parton -- "Comin' For To Carry Me Home"
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner -- "Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man"
Dolly Parton -- "God's Coloring Book"
Dolly Parton -- "Golden Streets Of Glory"
Dolly Parton -- "Heaven's Just A Prayer Away"
Dolly Parton -- "How Great Thou Art"
Dolly Parton -- "I Believe"
Dolly Parton -- "I'll Keep Climbing"
Dolly Parton -- "Letter To Heaven"
Dolly Parton -- "Lord Hold My Hand"
Dolly Parton -- "The Master's Hand"
Dolly Parton -- "Sacred Memories"
Dolly Parton -- "The Seeker" (New Edit)
Dolly Parton -- "Wings Of A Dove"
Dolly Parton -- "Would You Know Him (If You Saw Him)?"
Dolly Parton -- "Yes I See God"
Dolly Parton/Loretta Lynn/Tammy Wynette -- "Wings Of A Dove"
Dolly Parton -- "The Seeker"
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner -- "Yours Love"
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner -- "Malena"
Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner -- "Sounds Of Nature" ("Porter 'N' Dolly" 1974)

The Peasall Sisters -- "The Old Account"
The Peasall Sisters -- "The Old Church Yard"
The Peasall Sisters -- "Where No One Stands Alone"
The Peasall Sisters -- "Angel Band"

Ray Pennington -- "The Devil's Den"
Ray Pennington -- "You Saved Me From Me"

Webb Pierce -- "Faith, Hope And Love"
Webb Pierce -- "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" (with The Anita Kerr Singers)
Webb Pierce -- "Hold Fast To The Right"
Webb Pierce -- "I Feel Like Traveling On"
Webb Pierce -- "I Love Him Dearly"
Webb Pierce -- "I'll Fly Away"
Webb Pierce -- "I'll Meet You In The Morning"
Webb Pierce -- "I'm Bound For The Kingdom"
Webb Pierce -- "If We Never Meet Again"
Webb Pierce -- "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms" (with The Anita Kerr Singers)
Webb Pierce -- "The Old Country Church"
Webb Pierce -- "What We Need Is A Brand New World"
Webb Pierce & The Anita Kerr Singers -- "When God Dips His Love In My Heart"
Webb Pierce & The Anita Kerr Singers -- "Where We'll Never Grow Old"
Webb Pierce -- "Whispering Hope"

Charley Pride -- "Angel Band"
Charley Pride -- "Amazing Grace" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Be Grateful"
Charley Pride -- "Brush Arbour Meeting"
Charley Pride -- "The Church In The Wildwood"
Charley Pride -- "Did You Think To Pray?"
Charley Pride -- "Family Bible" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "God's Coloring Book" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "He Set Me Free" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "He's The Man"
Charley Pride -- "He Took My Place"
Charley Pride -- "I Don't Deserve A Mansion"
Charley Pride -- "I'll Fly Away"
Charley Pride -- "I'm Gonna Sing" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "In Jesus' Name I Pray"
Charley Pride -- "Jesus, Don't Give Up On Me"
Charley Pride -- "Jesus Hold My Hand" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Jesus Is Your Saviour Child"
Charley Pride -- "Jesus, It's Me Again" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Let Me Live"
Charley Pride -- "Little Delta Church"
Charley Pride -- "Lord, Build Me A Cabin In Glory"
Charley Pride -- "Mansions For Me" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Next Year Finally Came"
Charley Pride -- "Nobody Answered Me" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "One Day At A Time" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Take My Hand Precious Lord" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "Thank God" (2006 recording)
Charley Pride -- "This Highway Leads To Glory"
Charley Pride -- "Time Out For Jesus"
Charley Pride -- "Whispering Hope"
Charley Pride -- "Wings Of A Dove"
Charley Pride -- "Without Mama Here"

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